East-tec com blackmail

  cooki8c 10:28 01 Jul 2008

Boy am I having problems this month yesterday a email came from East tec .com which professed to contain a virus remover which it did, but now it cant be removed and has taken over my computer and in a form of blackmail want upto £19.95 to remove it .So can any one help me remove it

  Technotiger 10:35 01 Jul 2008

Try a System Restore back to before you received the email.

  Technotiger 10:37 01 Jul 2008

Or try un-installing it with click here

  Technotiger 10:38 01 Jul 2008

Stable-door perhaps, but - NEVER open unknown, unexpected, un-called for emails, NEVER NEVER NEVER!

  ronalddonald 18:33 01 Jul 2008

XP, first back up any important data and then reinstall XP by inserting the disc and restarting the computer. As it restarts hit the F12 key and boot from the disc and follow the instructions. This will wipe out the hardrive and leave it clean. or use cc clearner.

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