East Asian Language Pack - how to remove?

  Sani1 23:29 28 Sep 2004

A year ago I installed the east asian language pack. it took a huge amount of my 2.28 GB memory, and I would love to remove it but when i go to Regional Language Options and Code Page Conversion Tables - I can't uncheck japanese,chinese,korean and thai, even tho' I am administrator. can you advise please?

  Dan the Confused 00:32 29 Sep 2004

Add/remove programs?

  johnnyrocker 07:08 29 Sep 2004

operating system?


  temp003 13:56 29 Sep 2004

Did you install the language pack when you were in IE, or did you do it in Regional Options in Control Panel?

If the latter (in which case presumably you're using XP?), you should be able to untick the box for "Install East Asian Languages" under the Languages tab, click OK, OK.

  Graham ® 14:06 29 Sep 2004

Correct path is Regional and Languages, Languages, Supplemental Language Support. Clear the box 'Instal Files for East Asian languages.

  Sani1 20:18 29 Sep 2004

My OS is Windows XP. The language pack was installed in IE and not control panel. The box is not "checked" in Supplemental Language Support, so I can't clear it from there. Dare I risk installing East Asian Languages again from the CDROM and hope i can uninstall them?

  temp003 04:18 30 Sep 2004

A better option in the long term is to get a larger capacity hard disk. Hard disks are cheap these days. You have less than 3 GB. For XP it is really quite tight.

I'm not sure there is a way to directly uninstall a language pack for IE.

You can check in Add/Remove Programs whether there is any mention of a language pack, but I doubt it.

In IE, Tools, Internet Options, General tab, near the bottom there's a Languages button, but I think it's only to choose what language to display a web page in if there are more than one language option for that web page. Removing a language from there does not I think remove the language pack.

Ultimately, I think you need to manually delete the relevant font files which have been copied to the computer.

In XP, the font files are stored in C:\WINDOWS\Fonts folder.

Deleting font files can be dangerous, if you delete files which Windows or certain applications require.

The question is which font files are specific to the IE East Asian language pack, which includes Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, and Korean.

click here for the IE language pack files. I don't know how updated the list is.

If you see these files in the Fonts folder, they should be safe to delete.

click here for a more general list (i.e. not specific to the IE pack).

On my XP computer I have installed the language pack installed via Regional and Language Options (not via IE), and some other applications like MS Office may have also installed some language files. I have the following files which relate to these languages in my Fonts folder:

Chinese (Simplified): SimHei (True Type), "SimSun & NSimSun (True Type)

Chinese (Traditional): MingLiU & PMingLiU (True Type)

Japanese: MS Gothic & MS PGothic & MS UI Gothic (True Type), MS Mincho & MS PMincho (True Type)

Korean: Batang & BatangChe & Gungsuh & GungsuhChe (True Type), Gulim & GulimChe & Dotum & DotumChe (True Type)

These 7 font files account for 72.99MB out of 92.6MB for the Fonts folder.

If in doubt, only delete the files mentioned in the 1st link above. Or back up the files to CD or a USB flash drive before deleting them.

  Sani1 17:04 30 Sep 2004

Thank you for all your suggestions, I cant remove it from Supplemental Language Support, and when I tried to delete the relevant fonts, I get an Error message "Cannot delete. Access is denied. Make sure disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use". What does that mean? :o(

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