Easily hosting problems.

  phil 15:28 09 Jan 2005

Anyone else having downtime and hacking problems with Easily lately.

I have been with then for 4 years now on virtual server r.108 without any problem.

I paid for an upgrade to an enhanced virtual server, r.40, a month ago and now my site has been down for up to a hour 4 times and yesterday, Saturday, it was hacked by some scrote called dj_bash.

This scrote had deleted all my root files and replaced them with his own index and a graphic.

Luckily, and wisely, I back my own site up continously and so I only needed to delete his crap and put my own back on.

Also luckily he hadn't touched my sub folders containing thousands of pages. I would have been in trouble then having to re-upload that lot.

So I have some questions for Easily when I phone them about this.

A/ Why does my site keep going down even though I'm paying a extra £40 pa and:

B/ How did this hacker get at my files with all the supposed security that the upgrade was supposed to give me.

If someone can give me some ideas for ammo when I speak to them I'd be very grateful.

  Taran 16:03 09 Jan 2005

No web server is entirely secure.

In fact, there are armies of individuals out there whop delight in penetrating web hosts and ISPs web servers and defacing sites or stealing ontent.

They do it for a number of reasons, often purely so that they can say to their friends 'Look at my latest...'

Without access to the account nobondu will be able to tell you anything at all and even with account access there will probably be little to learn.

The staff at Easily should be able to offer more details, but I'd be unimpressed at anyone gaining root access to my web site and molesting its contents.

I suggest you press them for rapid action and insist that your account and the server it is on is locked down at the least. I would also suggest your username/password combination is renewed - in fact, asking them to create a brand new account for you is not too unreasonable, possibly even asking them to shift you to another server in the process.

No ISP or host can guarantee web server security 100% and I think you'll find that this is far worse from Easily's perspective than yours. If this is not isolated and I'd imagine it isn't, they could well have a very serious problem on their hands.

My last point: grab a last backup of your 'thousands of pages' if you haven't already.

Network and server security is no small topic and there could be any one of dozens of ways into a web server. Most commonly used methods are relatvely easy to guard against but others are not.


  Taran 16:04 09 Jan 2005

Use a spell checker prior to posting...

  phil 21:13 11 Jan 2005

Thanks for the help Taran.

Easily got back to me today after inspecting the server log files and agreed that it had been hacked.

The hacker comes from Brazil and his ISP is veloxzone.com This in turn is a sub ISP of the Brazilian telecoms giant TeleMat.

Easily have now changed my password and have also admitted they have a problem with server r.40

If it can't be cured they'll be replacing it.

Thanks again.

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