easiest way to transfer data to new hard drive?

  adenuff 17:27 14 Feb 2005

Hello all
Whats the easiest/safest way to transfer all the data from your hard drive to a new one anyone please?
Am helping someone who has just bought a new dell machine, and they want to put all their old data onto the new machine. Can I put the old hard drive in the new pc and ....well what do I do then? Use Windows files and settings wizard? Dont really want to buy any more software. Any help appreciated...thanks!

  mattyc_92 17:30 14 Feb 2005

Just use "Acronis True Image" to "backup" the drive onto CDs or DVDs and then "restore" it onto the new drive... You don't need to move the drive to the other system....

There are also software that allows you to "clone" drives.... This software normally comes with your new drive... Using these programs, you would need to move the drive to the other system....

  spuds 17:37 14 Feb 2005

I believe some hard drive manufacturers can supply information and downloads for this facility. Check what hard drive you have, then have a look at the manufacturers website. Download Everest click here for a computer components check.

  FelixTCat 18:00 14 Feb 2005

Put the old hard drive in the new machine. Either put it on a separate IDE channel (ie a different cable) or change the jumpers to make it the "slave" disk.

Boot the machine and the drive will show up with a new letter. The new machine will almost certainly have a single partition C: as its hard drive. Thus the old hard drive will show up as D: (and E:, F: etc if it was partitioned).

Identify the data folders that you want and simply copy them to the new machine.

Then either leave the old drive in the new machine for extra storage or replace it in the old machine, changing it back to the "master".

If you're going to put it back, you don't even have to fix it into the new machine - simply connect up the power and data cables.

It can help to name the partitions so that you are sure which is which, if the old drive is partitioned, eg C: = System, D: = Programs etc so that even if the drive letters change, you can still easily identify where your data is. Even if it is not partitioned, name the old one "Old" and the new one "New". You can delete the names once you have finished.

  Diemmess 18:02 14 Feb 2005

.... and not applications, then everything depends on how much data..... Once upon a time the floppy would do most of this, but now even several CDs may be needed.

I assume the new one is already installed with XP...
Applications will have to be installed individually on the new "box", and if there is an OS on the old HD there is a risk of mucking things up by piggybacking the old on the new. Remember it is a new outfit and you didn't pay for it!

Stay with docs and pictures... that sort of data and whichever way you copy across will be safe.

  FelixTCat 18:56 14 Feb 2005

There is no risk from having another operating system on the second hard drive because it cannot boot (unless you have a BIOS that allows you to choose the disk to boot from). It is simply a collection of files that can be deleted if you no longer want them.

If they are XP, it is highly unlikely that they would boot anyway because of the different motherboard chipset drivers required.

98SE would probably boot but demand new drivers from he CD and reboot 2 or 3 times before completion.

  VoG II 18:58 14 Feb 2005
  Wak 19:28 14 Feb 2005

Install either XXCOPY (for Win 98SE/ME) or XXCLONE (for Win XP) on the old hard drive when it is installed as the C:\ drive.
Install and format the new hard drive as the D:\ drive.
Now go to Start/ Programs/ MS-DOS Prompt and type
and everything, including System files, Registry, Programs and data files will be copied directly from the old C:\ drive to the new D:\ drive.
Both FREE programs are available from click here or xxclone.com.

  Wak 19:34 14 Feb 2005

Just to add that the above will not work if it's just the data and not the entire system that you wish to swap across.
(I must read these questions more closely!!!!)

  adenuff 21:20 14 Feb 2005

Hmmm, okey dokey, will print all your advice off and take it with me....you may get a distress posting if I get in a muddle and lose everything!! no really, I suppose we are just talking about such things as email messages, word docs, pictures etc, as the new HD will have Xp on it, and the old one is full of junk really.
Many thanks for your time.

  pipedream 23:06 14 Feb 2005

I would go with FelixTCat's advice i.e. install the old drive as a slave & copy your files across - i've done this several times & works well.

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