easiest way to send files via usb cable from my vista desktop to my xp laptop?

  theDarkness 00:05 01 Aug 2008

I have never tried creating a temp network that could send files back and four from two machines before, so if i am logged in as admin on both computers, i am wondering exactly what programs or lead type i would need to be able to do so? one is vista, the other xp! thanks for any info if possible :)

  ambra4 01:31 01 Aug 2008

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  Ditch999 12:06 01 Aug 2008

Or a crossover network cable would do it cheaper click here

  theDarkness 13:37 01 Aug 2008

I do have a standard network cable but when connected to both computers with files shared xp tells me the cable is unplugged when it is not.. probably something simple i still need to do, although the lan service is definately enabled on both computers. I have chosen files on the vista machine to share as a test, which created a new icon in the vistas network screen. Even with the firewalls switched off on both machines i get nothing

  Ditch999 13:46 01 Aug 2008

You need a crossover cable as opposed to a patch cable when connecting PC to PC. They are wired differently.

  DippyGirl 13:57 01 Aug 2008

If you have a router why not set up folder sharing on each PC? Ensure both PCs are in the same workgroup - Vista and XP have different defaults (sigh!)

  theDarkness 14:04 01 Aug 2008

It must be a patch cable then, but surely even with the firewalls switched off and networking on, something would show or give recognition when connected to both computers? No router!

  Ditch999 14:10 01 Aug 2008

"something would show or give recognition when connected to both computers" - No
Would your telly work if you got the brown and blue wires mixed up in the plug?

  theDarkness 14:16 01 Aug 2008

So whats the use of a cable with its wires all muddled then? :)

  thms 18:22 01 Aug 2008

Crossover cable click here

  Daveboy 16:04 03 Aug 2008

"So whats the use of a cable with its wires all muddled then? :)"
Ethernet "transmits" down 1 pair of wires within the cable and "receives" down another pair, so the other machine must receive on the "transmitted" pair and transmit onto the "receiving" pair.A cross over cable achieves this by reversing the pairs for you.
Analogy: If you drive down a section of dual carriegway from a to b, to return you "cross over", if you you about turn on the same side you wont get far !

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