E-trust av!

  pac73 04:45 19 May 2006

Can anybody tell me if ca e-trust anti virus is any good.And is it better than avg,which is what ive got now.Im asking because i can get e-trust free for a year,and i want to know how good it is before i get it.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:04 19 May 2006

It is a good product but if you have AVG and are happy with it, then why change? AVG is trusted by many here.

  skidzy 07:08 19 May 2006

If its not broken Pac.....Dont fix it !!!
I 2nd Diodorus Siculus suggestion.
Avg free works fine for me,with Zonealarm free Firewall.

  Belatucadrus 11:21 19 May 2006

E-trust is a good product, in a previous incarnation it used to be available as a freebie called inoculateIT that kept my PC happy and virus free for a few years before they went fully commercial and I found AVG free, then avast!
Is there any point in dumping AVG free ? Not a lot, but if you want to try an alternative for a year it's a perfectly good way of doing it.

  pac73 19:01 19 May 2006

So you guys are saying stick with avg.But which one is the best,in your opinion?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:05 19 May 2006

I don't use either but would suggest that in the real world they are equal.

  Totally-braindead 19:15 19 May 2006

I use AVG and am happy with it. Personally I think e-trust is probably about the same as AVG but that is just my opinion as I haven't spent any time researching the subject of e-trust anti virus.

  Phphred 19:18 19 May 2006

I am pretty sure that it is Zone Alarm and you can get ZA as a freebie!!

  Phphred 19:20 19 May 2006

Sorry, I had E trust EZ armore and that was ZA

  pac73 19:30 19 May 2006

Ive already got zone alarm.This offer is for the e-trust 7.1 av.I thought because it was a paid for av,it might do a better job.

  Belatucadrus 20:34 19 May 2006

"because it was a paid for av,it might do a better job."

All the good free ones are slightly feature limited versions of commercial programs that are funded by the professional users who don't qualify for the free license. Unless you're an inveterate tweaker who just has to fiddle with the minutia of the advanced setting panel, you're not going to notice the difference in day to day use. The quality of protection is the same in AVG and avast! free, as it is in the pro versions. So the fact that we can use a free version doesn't affect the quality of the program or its coverage.

E-trust, avast! and AVG are all ICSA labs rated with good 100% pass records at Virus bulletin. So change if you want, just don't expect any significant differences in the quality of protection or the way the PC works.

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