E-trust antivirus Help with 1st scan report

  six-h 23:01 04 May 2007

I've just done a local scan of my C drive, all seems well, but status for every item says "open error"
is that normal?

  six-h 14:03 05 May 2007

I take it no one uses this??
better close the thread then!

  Zurdo 14:38 05 May 2007

see click here Just do a search on google etc and you'll find the answer somewhere and yes some folks use etrust- me included and never had any bother with it.

  Zurdo 14:51 05 May 2007

An even better link here click here

  six-h 17:39 06 May 2007

Thanks for your reply, and the link.
I will register on that forum.
Have since tried many times to perform a local scan on my C drive and even when Task Master shows nothing but e-trust is running, every file shows "Status" :- Open Error.
This , I gather from the help files, means that the files are open and e-trust is unable to gain access!
If that is so, why does a scan take over 30 minutes??

  six-h 21:18 06 May 2007

I've visited your 2nd link, and contacted them, -Instant reply, - even on a Sunday evening!
Almost as good as PCA forums!!

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