E-systems Sorrento 1 Laptop LED display screen dim

  Stormcloud330 00:18 25 Feb 2011

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can 'shed some light' on this problem.

Im fixing a laptop for a friend, an E-system Sorrento 1 (V50SI1) where it was knocked from a table & took a nasty tumble to the floor - cracking the screen quite badly.

I could visually see the (many) cracks but the laptop still powered up so seems its not a goner. No light behind/around the cracks or in small areas where it may be able to show - I assumed perhaps the backlight bulb had been damaged in the tumble or the inverter was also damaged....I assumed it was an LCD screen at that point as I had not checked.

It appears to display the image totally fine on an external monitor.

So, I thought well, it needs a new screen anyway so get the damaged one out (part number N156B6-L06) - that was when I realised it was an LED - no inverter, only the vid cable. Ordered a replacement for an online shop I have used in the past, confirmed with them it was an LED and was promised a compatible screen would be sent - arrived earlier today (part number LTN156AT05), which does appear compatible according to info on Laptop Adapters, Laptop Chargers, AC Adapters from Dell, Acer, Sony, HP & Compaq - Buy Online - not where I bought it, just checked info there.

Fitted the screen but unfortunately a very dim/faint screen on powerup - nearly black as if the inverter had failed on a LCD. Tried ajusting brightness settings via the function keys = no joy.

Next I thought I better check there definitely is not an inverter in it & try reseating the vid cable, so proceeded to disassemble the laptop.

Yep, no inverter and reseating the vid cable at the motherboard end & again at the screen end has made no difference.

This is the first time I've replaced an LED screen, but Im assuming if the laptop can display the image fine on an external monitor chances are it wont be a motherboard related fault...Im assuming the screen is ok (was very well packed against damage and seems to be compatible)...so all I can think is the vid cable has also been damaged but it shows no physical signs and seems strange to be damaged from a fall...

Does anyone have any further advice on how to diagnose or verify what Im thinking about LED screens? Would hate to think I've wasted £55 on a screen which didnt fix the problem.

Thanks in advance


  Dragon_Heart 02:34 25 Feb 2011

I recall someone once talking about a similar problem and they adjusted something in the BIOS ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:22 25 Feb 2011

Silly thought...

but have you cycled through the screen options LED only / LED+ external / external only? using the Fn + f? key

  woodchip 11:43 25 Feb 2011

Just my thoughts, Me thinks its a Faulty screen that you bought. One thing else you could check, it may have its own power save software like my Samsung Netbook where you can turn it up on how much you want to over ride the Power Save features

  Stormcloud330 00:29 26 Feb 2011

Not long after posting this, I had another thought - what about the sensor that detects if the lid is closed, perhaps it had been stuck in the 'lid closed' position or a peice of debris from where she dropped it was pressed against it...

I did have a look in the BIOS as suggested Dragon_Heart, but nothing relating to the display or brightness (not much at all option-wise infact), and yes Fruitbat I had already tried cycling through the display outputs. Thanks for the suggestions though.

So I set about the task of stipping the laptop down to the very basic parts to get at this sensor...took a while but got the motherboard out of the case and was testing with just this and the screen on (also this would rule out any trapped/kinked/loose wires or connections.

Lo and behold, after a bit more fiddling (as the legs holding the screen seemed also to be bent out of shape & few other things), the screen lit up.

I gradually put the laptop back together, testing by powering back on every step of the way - so it took a while, but got everything back in place & its working fine.

I think it must have been the lid sensor jammed down by the casing after it was dropped as I had already taken the vid cable out totally with no joy.

Anyway, thought it may be handy if anyone else gets a similar problem


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