e-Sata versus ide drives

  Splodge 10:33 07 Apr 2011

I bought a new computer about a year ago and it was 64-bit with Windows 7. It has the e-Sata drive.

The drive has bust a total of 3 times and I am out of garentee. Also, it has been a nightmare because it kept producing error notices saying that the computer could not start because a connecting piece of hardware had been removed. In fact, since it is usb only for keyboard and mouse, and the batteries were degading quickly, even new ones, it has been impossible to second guess.

Frankly, I am tempted to *!@: it in the bin but £600 is a lot to throw away.

Can I have the IDE drive installed instead of the e-Sata and would the 64-bit accept it?

How about the OS, should I buy a 64-bit Windows XP to install or am I barking up, the well-clawed, tree?

I have to say, my old Sony, which is over 8 years old is still miles ahead but I am fearful it will suddenly die!

Any advice would be appeeciated.

  Diemmess 11:30 07 Apr 2011

Batteries flat quickly? Do you have wireless mouse and keyboard?

I'm unconvinced that the HD itself has failed - 3 times! HDs have their limits but on the whole are very reliable.
Certainly there is serious trouble which in my view has not yet been found.

Years ago (in the days of W98) I bought a new budget computer for a son.
The deal was that I was supplying the OS and software.
I couldn't get beyond the earliest parts of installation. Formatting showed increasing numbers of bad sectors.

Mercifully the supplier was Novatech. They posted a replacement HD twice before asking for the whole computer.
This time they installed an OS and then wiped it because I wasn't paying for that.
No more trouble through the years we had it.

Very sadly I was never given the cause of the trouble, but faulty memory may be one culprit.
Motherboards do sometimes betray. If either of these are corrupting the codes fed to or retrieved from the HD, it will garble the contents of the HD.

  Splodge 11:40 07 Apr 2011

Yes I do have a wireless keyboard and mouse. Unfortunately there is no connector on the Zino for wired keyboard and mouse.

I also use them on my old Sony and get much longer use! So it must be excessive power usage on the Dell.

But hey, I have just checked my invoice and I am still, by one day, within guarantee! What hope though.

  Batch 11:59 07 Apr 2011

Bit confused by your ref to e-SATA.

e-SATA is a spec. for external drives (see click here)

Do you mean SATA?

In any event, as Diemmess says, it is unlikely to be the drive itself. I'd suspect some other component along the chain leading to the drive. E.g. faulty cables or motherboard.

  Splodge 12:29 07 Apr 2011

Well, I am just out of my guarantee but, on payment of £120 I am covered for another 3 years! Whoopee.

It WAS the hard drive because a message appeared on screen saying so.

And, no doubt tomorrow when the engineer arrives he will give me the full story, I hope. Let you know the result.

I note your comment about Sata and that shows my complete ignorance does it not!

I AM an idiot. lol

  Diemmess 15:07 07 Apr 2011

"It WAS the hard drive because a message appeared on screen saying so."

Perhaps, but there are so many error messages over the world of computers that have more to do with poor code writing than electronics.

We all would like to know the ending of this story.
Good luck!

  Terry Brown 16:22 07 Apr 2011

The data cable on ESATA drives is not very strong and could be the fault.can you connect another data and/or power cable to the drive and test it.
A new cable from Amazon is under a £.

click here


  Splodge 19:53 08 Apr 2011

Oh, dear, not a good start, I typed the reply but I think I forgot to post it! IDIOT!

Having had quotes for about £150 for a visit plus the cost of a new drive, I contacted Dell instead and found I was just outside the guarantee time.

But I was then I was offered a 3 year extension for £120! WOW!

This morning a charming chap arrived bearing a new 1 tetrabyte drive, which was the original spec drive!

He tested mine, accepted it was faulty and replaced it. He also got me back on-line!

Since then, I have reinstalled quite a number of my programs ans ALL my files which were on an external drive.

Bluntly, I have got back much more than I deserved! And for much less cost.

It is working well, I have already run a film which was excellent.

By the way, my Sony has the monitor but the Dell is connected to my 26inch television.

Well that covers that and I quite like the layout of this new PC Advisor.

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