E mail(VirusThreat?)

  rickf 16:57 24 Feb 2004

HI All,
I received an email with one sentence saying " I have got your password". There was an attchment which of course I did not open. Deleted straight away. Should I be worried or is this just a ploy to panic me into opening the attachment? Thanks. Reassurance needed. I have not had this version before.

  Jester2K 16:58 24 Feb 2004

Deleted - thats it. Do not worry.

IF you are worried change some of your more sensitive passwords...

  Jester2K 17:00 24 Feb 2004

Looks like it was MyDoom.F click here

Message Texts include -

I have your password :)

  rickf 17:02 24 Feb 2004

Thanks! That was quick.

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