Doberman 12:02 15 Sep 2008

I use Yahoo mail.Can anyone advise me how I can forward e-mails without all the addresses of those people it has already been sent to? Thanks

  peter99co 12:23 15 Sep 2008

Use BCC option (blind carbon copy) Instead of CC (carbon copy)

  Sea Urchin 13:16 15 Sep 2008

Using BCC is not an option, as the previous addresses are held in the body of the message. After clicking "Forward" simply highlight and delete addresses

  cruiser2 15:22 15 Sep 2008

As sea urchin has said, I have done what he said with several email messages sent to me. This has enable me to send just the message to other people without a long list of previous recepiants and to print it off after saving just the message.

  Doberman 08:32 16 Sep 2008

Thanks to all.Problem solved!

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