E-mails from son – but not from son

  compumac 08:14 05 Oct 2011

Do you find that your offspring listen more to advice from others as opposed to their parents? I have this morning received an e-mail delivered into my spam folder seemingly originating from my sons’ e-mail account, but by the nature of the subject I knew it was NOT sent by him. I know that when I inform him of this that it will not cause him concern.

If others out there would like to indicate the cause for this and the corrective action so that he can see other’s points of view I would be grateful.

  eedcam 08:22 05 Oct 2011

Well it should more than likely his email setup has been accessed and its his contacts list that being used.Hopefully its a only spam being sent out usually viagra but the potential is there for worse.he should investigate and probably needs to change password etc

  compumac 08:27 05 Oct 2011

eedcam I had realised the implications but me telling him would not have the same effect as being informed by others. Thanks for your input.

  NewestRoyWidd1 10:15 05 Oct 2011

Is your email account with Yahoo?I had a similar problem a few months ago where spam emails were seemingly being sent and received to and from people in my contacts list.

I changed my password and it all stopped.Hope you find this useful.

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