E-mails Slow to download

  Maurice9735 20:34 06 Dec 2006

Hi fellows of the Forum Watch.
Please can you help?
My e-mails are slow to download, up to 20 mins
for 10-20 Kb I also get the message Virtual memory to low.I followed instructions and increased the capacity considerably to now effect


  FreeCell 21:19 06 Dec 2006

Can you give more information on the computer you are using and what software you are using to download email. Are you on broadband?

  Maurice9735 09:30 07 Dec 2006

Hello FreeCell,
Thankyou for your interest.

I have a Broadband connection 2Mb Via toucan.com.
I am using windows XP Pro.
E-mails Via M/s Office Outlook 2003.
I have 61 GB of freespace on my hard drive.
My processor is AMD Athlon 2000+.

I hope this is helpfull


  FreeCell 11:29 07 Dec 2006

Thanks. With broadband etc your emails should be loading in seconds. Has the problem occured recently after some change or has it been a problem for some time?

If you can check email on webmail at Toucan site you could look to see if there is a large email that is blocking your other mail. If so delete it via webmail.

Similarly any virus checking software you have that checks arriving email may be causing a delay, but it shouldn't be anything like the delay you are experiencing.

  rawprawn 15:22 08 Dec 2006

Like FreeCell I suspect you Antivirus program, which one is it?

  Maurice9735 18:05 08 Dec 2006

As reqested I cecked toucan.com WEBMAIL.
I had never used WEBMAIL so as expected
I drew a blank. Just in care I had missed
anything, I asked toucan tech support,they
Also suspfcted my anti virus program.
FreeCell/rawpran thankyou for added interest
My antivirus prgram is (McAfee Security Center)

I hope this hels you to help me

  rawprawn 18:12 08 Dec 2006

If you disable McAfee email scan, does it help?

  Maurice9735 19:05 08 Dec 2006

is this is the same as disable filter
If not how do I locate e-mail scan


  FreeCell 20:13 08 Dec 2006

To disable the Virus scanning of email right-click ther McAfee icon in the System Tray. Select Viruscan and then Options. On the Active Shield tab untick the "Scan e-mails and Attachments" option.

Check the speed of email downloads and don't forget to reset it when you have finished the test.

I use McAfee and there is a delay of no more than five seconds whilst email is checked, so if you consistently get delays of twenty minutes then we need to investigate further.

  Maurice9735 21:55 08 Dec 2006

It gets worse.
Before your last message I found my way VIA another site to a point where I was told to
click outbound mail.I then E-mailed
myself it was 4 minuts to download.

Ithen decided to do a system restore going
back to september.Message confirmed sccessfll
restore, BUT! Another message appeared, Some
aspects of virus shield are missing etc three times I did system restore. McAfee ICON stil black I then decided to post this message I am not quick at this but the ICON turned red.I will now attempt to clean up the mess I made and try
Your way.


  Maurice9735 22:19 08 Dec 2006

I did as you advised still took 3 minutes.
I will now revsrse the tast move.
Is it anything to od with VIRTUAL MEMORY see start of thread.


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