gra80 16:00 14 Oct 2004

My friend has Win XP and sends and receivs most
e-mails OK, but if she sends to me (Win2000) AND one other person, the e-mail is not received, any ideas?

  Djohn 18:02 14 Oct 2004

How is your friend sending them? Normal way is to place address of first recipient in the "To" window and all others in the "CC" window If you want everyone on the list to see all the other email addresses.

If you want to send one email to several different people but not show each persons address then as above but instead of using the "CC" window, use the "BCC" window.

CC = Carbon copy. BCC = Blind carbon copy.

  gra80 19:15 14 Oct 2004

Thanks very much, but I must have misled you, she is only sending to one person at a time, its just that when she sends to me only, or one other friend the e-mail is not received even though each computer is sending and receiving OK in most cases, weird huh.

  Irishman 20:01 14 Oct 2004

More likely a problem with either your ISP or hers not accepting emails from certain domains. Make sure her email address is not being treated as spam by your email client.

  Djohn 20:13 14 Oct 2004

Irishman is on the right track. Are you and the other person who does not receive them with the same ISP? Or is your friend, [The one sending] with AOL?

  gra80 22:17 14 Oct 2004

Thank you, The one sending is with Lineone, I am with FreedomtoSurf, not sure about the other and can`t find out for a while.

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