E mails, is this possible?

  Bald Eagle 20:23 11 Oct 2006

I spend 8 months a year in Brittany and 4 in England. My daughter and I spend about £18/month between us on English ISP's. I will offer to give her my monthly fees and she can upgrade to broadband and I will cancel my English ISP. Can we then run an email account each that only we have access too? ie I can't see hers and she can't see mine.Also would I still be able to view mine out here in Brittany?

  Jackcoms 20:28 11 Oct 2006

I'm slightly confused by your question.

On the one hand you say "I will cancel my English ISP"

and then "would I still be able to view mine out here in Brittany?"

Who will be your ISP in Brittany - a French one??

  handy4x 20:29 11 Oct 2006

sign up to hotmail or better still google mail and you ca acces fromany computer with internet in the world with your password

  Bald Eagle 20:46 11 Oct 2006

What I mean is :- my daughter will then be on broadband, hopefully with several email addresses. One of these will be for me. It is this email I want to access from France. I want email addresses for England and France to help me keep track easily where jobs are.

  Jackcoms 20:59 11 Oct 2006

OK. I'll assume that you will have a separate ISP in France to that used by your daughter in England.

Assuming you know the log-in and password details for your daughter's ISP, you should be able to access your e-mails using that ISP's web-mail service.

  Bald Eagle 21:49 11 Oct 2006

Sorry, Jackcoms, I'm a better Industrial Chemist than computer expert (I wish). Yes I have an ISP in France. Will do what you suggest. Many thanks for helping a computer dimwit!

  Simsy 21:55 11 Oct 2006

I can see, unless I'm missing something, is that you wont have any internet access for the 4 months that you are in England.

Also, if you have the neccessary server/password details you may be able to get you emails without it having to be webmail, into outlook express, for example.



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