E mails not received

  Topo 17:03 22 Feb 2003

I am connected to Freeserve Hometime and have a Bigfoot email address.
Recently I have not received some emails from persons with whom I have previously corresponded and I know for a fact that they have been properly sent.
The system is still working insofar as i am still receiving emails from other people in the normal way.
How do I set about locating and retrieving these emails and correcting any fault that appears to have arisen.
I have recently downloaded MSN Messenger which works perfectly but could it have had an affect on my OE.

  HighTower 17:10 22 Feb 2003

This may or may not help you (infact may be irrelevant), but I used to connect to the net via freeserve (on a 24/7 dial up) and send and receive mail to a couple of other internet mail accounts (UK Online was one of them). Then one day I found that when I was connected to freeserve I was no longer able to send mail from my other UKOnline account, although I could receive mail from it. Perhaps freeserve have started to block the sending of mail from another ISP whilst you are connected to a freeserve dial-up.

I have since installed ADSL via Nildram so there is not a problem.

  Forum Editor 17:11 22 Feb 2003

check your inbound mail by using the Bigfoot webmail facility - have you done that?

You can access your account online if you
click here

  MAJ 17:13 22 Feb 2003

Or check that your frind's email address has not been added to your Blocked Senders list in error.

  Forum Editor 17:15 22 Feb 2003

All ISPs prevent you from using other SMTP servers than their own.

You can retrieve mail from any POP3 mailbox, but you can only send via your ISPs own SMTP server.

  HighTower 17:24 22 Feb 2003

Has this always been the case? I'm sure that I used to be able to send mail from a Lineone, UKOnline and Freeserve account whilst on Freeserve.

Or perhaps I've gone mad and I only received mail from them and never really used the accounts!

What would the situation with a freeserve dial-up and your own domain name that may be hosted with a company other than freeserve (eg bought through easily.com or similar? Would you have to buy your domain from freeserve in order to use the pop3 account that comes with it?


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