e-mails lost

  mo66ie 15:03 13 Jul 2005

This may be a daft question but here goes.
I'm an NTL user and when I logged on this morning my in-box was cleared out. I know it's a bit vague, but, any ideas.

  AndySD 15:06 13 Jul 2005

What is your operating system...eg Windows XP?
Do you use Outlook Express or Outlook or go to the NTL web site and check your mail there?

  mo66ie 12:25 14 Jul 2005

Sorry Andy, I should have been more specific. I'm using Windos XP and Outlook Exress. I did find "some" mail in outlook express and found that when I read them they disappeared. Strange?

  mo66ie 12:33 14 Jul 2005

I also go to NTL's site for my mail but there's never anything in the anymore the all seem to go to Outlook Express.

  lotvic 23:32 14 Jul 2005

Outlook Express > Tools > Options > General tab, untick the box 'Send and receive messages at startup' and untick the box 'Check for new messages every ** minute(s) '

Then email will only be sent and collected from your account on the NTL server when you click on the 'Send/Recv' button on the top toolbar.

Outlook Express > Tools > Internet Accounts > Mail > *(your name)* @ntlworld.com > Properties > Advanced > at the bottom of this there is a section 'Delivery' and a box that you can put a tick in for 'Leave a copy of messages on server' (if you want to)

  DieSse 23:37 14 Jul 2005

In OE - go to View - Current View - and make sure it's ticked to "Show all Messages"

Otherwise only some will show (maybe you've got it set to show only Unread Messages?)

  lotvic 00:16 15 Jul 2005

also see this thread click here as it would seem ntl have some problems at moment

  mo66ie 12:47 15 Jul 2005

Lotvic, thanks for that I'll let you know how I fair. However having read your second append it certainly looks like NTL have, indeed, some problems. I lost a whole page of e-mails and when I 'phoned the 'hinderence' desk I got some woman who said that they have no control over my e-mails and it must be something on my computer. Yeah, right I may be pretty new to the home networking game but I've got 32 years of IBM experience behind me as, a consultant engineer fpr the past 18 years, IBM use Lotus Notes (having bought the company) as an e-mailer and if I were to loose any of my e-mails or mistakenly deleted them then the Note police (admin chappies) could recover up to a weeks worth quite quickly. So the woman on the 'hinderence' desk need a bit more info or training. She sounded like she was in Bangalore which may explain a feew things. :-) By the way, anybody looking for a good engineer as I've been made redundand as part of IBM's latest cull.

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