E-mails like London buses

  VoG II 22:44 27 Sep 2004

Windows XP SP2, Outlook 2003, ISP blueyonder. Cable broadband always on connection, Outlook set to check for new mail once a minute.

No e-mails received for over 24 hours. Sent one e-mail and immediately 8 messages appeared in my Inbox, dated from yesterday evening to this evening.

Is this just a "glitch" I wonder? I seem to remember a similar post by jack.

  Smegs 00:19 28 Sep 2004

Evening VoG™.b Just putting you back to the top.

  Jarvo 00:39 28 Sep 2004

Sounds like an ISP glich to me, bouncing you back up the list


  dagwoood 01:15 28 Sep 2004

Hello VoG™. This isn't probably much help but I've accessed my Blueyonder email accounts via Outlook Express and haven't had any problems.

I have done this several times yesterday(monday),and have accessed them again and it hasn't thrown up any anomalies. I access these accounts manualy however, I havent' configured Outlook to check automaticaly.

It may be just a blip. As your probably aware Blueyonder have had problems with e-mail over the past few months, the most common being authentication issues and people not being able to gain access their accounts.

Sorry I can't provide any other suggestions.


P.S I like the bus analogy :0)

  end 01:25 28 Sep 2004

its the superglue that"s in another thread somwhere; it has poured over into your inbox.
really must remember to leave the top on that tube next time:)

mea culpa..

and I moved the bus stops too :)

  end 12:04 28 Sep 2004

what is the in-box like this morning .
still gluey or now freed -up:)

  VoG II 17:31 28 Sep 2004

All OK when I got home today. Usual batch of e-mails waiting.

I'll put it down to experience :o(

Thanks for replies, as ever.

  Stuartli 17:51 28 Sep 2004

Sometimes if you try to collect e-mails too quickly the link breaks down.

Mine, with Tiscali and Pipex on dialup, are collected on a five minute frequency for that reason.

  jack 19:52 28 Sep 2004

My piece re this was loads on the server-bacause I checked via Web mail -when nothing came in - Delivery timed out - When I went in again sent 1. loads came in BUT NOT ALL of what was on server and some never did come.
Checked with 'THEM' and of course they know nozzin as usual - but did admit the 'possibility'
of glitches in the SP2 routines.
I now have switched off all SP2 wall and protection and am on AVG and Zone Alarm Free.
and the usual pop stopper and the others.
So far so good - I think/hope

  end 21:05 28 Sep 2004

??why not read them straight off the server; still cannot see why people need/choose to use OE , which seems like putting an extra bit into the process:(

and I"ll have to replace the bus stops; someone keeps bashing into them:)

  VoG II 21:09 28 Sep 2004

I don't read them in OE, I use Outlook which is a different animal.

And why? It saves having to log into my web-based e-mail account. Outlook runs in the background and collects them for me and says "You have new mail waiting" whenever a new one is received.

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