e-mails i didn't send

  gourdie 23:51 03 Jan 2003
  gourdie 23:51 03 Jan 2003

from boxing day i've been getting mail delivery e-mails saying the mails i tried to send were un deliverable. One, the mails in question, i didn't send and two the mails are about enlarging stuff down below. Is this the latest ploy of the spam mailers ??

  Forum Editor 23:52 03 Jan 2003

a decent, up to date virus checker?

  powerless 23:55 03 Jan 2003

Free online check...click here

Free Anti virus...click here

  gourdie 23:55 03 Jan 2003

update my norton anti virus and firewall 2002 everyday am on line, ran a full sweep of my system and all is well.

  Stuartli 23:58 03 Jan 2003

I've already warned in the forums about this scam - best thing is to just delete such e-mails without even opening them.

  gourdie 23:58 03 Jan 2003

I ran that check too (symatec), and everyhing was cool. This just started on boxing day. Nothing else dodgey happening with my pc though

  DieSse 23:59 03 Jan 2003

They may have been sent by someone else, who has a particular virus, and has you in their address book.

The Klez virus can spoof your address - that is it sends an email from the infected computer, but makes it look as if it came from you.

So do the virus check, but don't be amazed if you don't have a virus.

  jazzypop 00:00 04 Jan 2003

Your email address has been 'hijacked'. Try reporting it to your ISP - they may be able to help.

Yes, it is a ploy by spammers - I have been the victim of it myself, although I didn't realise until they sent one addressed 'by me' using one of my email addresses, to me at another of my email addresses :)

  Gaz 25 00:05 04 Jan 2003

I use mailwasher as it will delete known spam, I have set it to filter out:

Swear words,Porn related words and links, Hack related words, Free and Win, etc.

And you can delete them without the attachments from being opened automatacly and from them spreading viruses.

click here

  gourdie 00:08 04 Jan 2003

i'll contact my isp and see what they do.

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