E Mails. HTML or Word?

  milkybarkid 15:25 28 Sep 2005

When using Outlook and composing, whats the difference?

  Thalmus 16:06 28 Sep 2005

Using HTML is just typing an out an e-mail as you would using outlook. If you use word then when you goto to create an e-mail it opens word and you compose it using that.

Using word slows the process down a bit because it has to load word when you write an e-mail, i don't bother and just outlook

  milkybarkid 16:21 28 Sep 2005

Any Other Side effects Other Than Being Slow?

  Thalmus 16:27 28 Sep 2005

The only real reason to use word is if your going to use the advanced features of word and create loads of fancy e-mails. I don't, so i don't bother

  Jackcoms 16:27 28 Sep 2005


  milkybarkid 16:55 28 Sep 2005

Thanks Everyone

  DieSse 17:39 28 Sep 2005

HTML and Word are not alternatives for email.

The alternatives are HTML or plain text. HTML is the formatted one with effects, pictures, and whatever.

If you compose using Word, then all that happens is the Word document is convertd to HTML when it's sent (this is anoption anyway in Word, to save as HTML).

If you compose in OE directly, you can choose HTML or plain text.

One reason to use Word to compose the email is that the formatting you are used to doing in Word is preserved when it converts to HTML for sending.

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