E mails that don't arrive -why?

  jack 09:51 23 Jul 2008

We are all familiar with getting an email address plain wrong and it eventually returns to our in box as undeliverable.
But what about E-mails there are sent out - the intended recipient does not get them- but is receiving mail from all and sundry otherwise .
The mail does not come back to be either.
And the address is repeatedly confirmed as the right one.
So what is the likely answer?
Who is getting it wrong the My ISP or theirs?
Where does one start looking?

  Technotiger 09:56 23 Jul 2008

Firewall as good a place to start as any, then perhaps Junk-mail Filter, then maybe the Server possible blockage. Or, make sure your/their In-box is not Full to over-flowing!

  jack 10:38 23 Jul 2008

Good one that TT.
My box is certainly not - Dump it all almost hourly.
Not so sure about theirs- but then they do say they get all others.
Meanwhile I have had a test mail from them to which ~I replied
We shall see.

  anniesboy 11:24 23 Jul 2008

I had exactly this problem a while back,it was my junk filter creating the porblem.

  Les28 13:42 23 Jul 2008

If the person to who you've replied doesn't get your reply in their Outlook Express or Outlook mail delivery, ask then to go to the website of their ISP and look for webmail collection there, they will have to sign in using their mail username and password to get into their mail folder and then to have a look in their bulk or junk folder, the ISP may very well have filtered their incoming mail from you and considered it junk mail, put it in a junk or whatever they call it folder. They can have a look at the settings there as well and make sure your email address is accepted as non junk next time and your emails will be downloaded to their Outlook Express whenever they call in their mail next time.This just might be the problem, worth them having a look anyway at their ISP's webmail for them.

  silverous 18:51 23 Jul 2008

Sounds to me like a spam filter at the other end. Have they checked their 'spam' area?

Firewall nothing to do with it as any blockage there is likely to cause an error, as is a full mailbox.

  DieSse 19:48 23 Jul 2008

Top reasons that email is not apparently received

1 - You misaddressed it (if replies get through OK, it's very possible you're (accidentally?) misaddressing it, which a Reply can't suffer from.) I've seen this more times than I care to count, with people who've sworn it wasn't misaddressed!

Of course if it's a wrong address, but still an existing address, that explains why you don't get it returned as undeliverable!

2 - It's being intercepted as Spam. Tell them to check their Spam/Junk folder.

3 - You've got outbound anti-virus checking on, and it's recorded as sent before actually leaving. Norton used to do this some time ago, but I think that's fixed now.

  jack 20:25 23 Jul 2008

am contacting the good lady to see if she can attack to problem from that angle, if necessary I'll talk her through it

  jack 10:41 25 Jul 2008


  peter99co 10:50 25 Jul 2008

Have you sent a mail to the address that is failing and also a cc and bcc to yourself? I do this to run mail addresses I have, to confirm they are still active.I had a mail address for special use and because it had not been used NTL removed it from my server list. I had to reactivate it. By sending a Round Robin Mail to all my accounts it checks them for valid use.

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