e-mails from Brazil, any ideas?

  Muergo 23:42 30 Oct 2011

All of a sudden I have a rash of emails from rospriule and anjosthraai saying "well this is a surprise Michelle or Casmira and a link with a .br ending.

All of these I have blocked and not opened the link.

Has anybody else had anything like this, out of the blue all in one day.

  lotvic 23:51 30 Oct 2011

Had a rash of them about 4 weeks ago, I logged into my Webmail server and marked/reported each them as spam. They gradually tailed off and haven't had anymore for last couple of weeks (fingers crossed).

  lotvic 01:08 31 Oct 2011

I guess I should have said, this weeks spam is in German from facebook, apparently lots want me to be their friend. Amazing really as that email address does not have a facebook account. Luckily my mail providers spam filter just sends me the headers of the latest spam in a list so I only get one email instead of dozens.

  Muergo 02:00 31 Oct 2011

I've just put them in Junk Mail box and blocked the site and senders but I wondered if anyone had opened the link to see what it was, as they are addressed to Josephine and Marylinn they aren't for me and I'm not inclined to open what might be a can of viruses.

Is there a safe way of moving them to a secure file where they can be opened in quarantine?

They have not shown up on any of my security sites and as I've blocked them I'm unlikely to see them again but I am curious as to their origin and content.

Apart from Facebook I can't think of another site where my address would be known to a brazilian.

  lotvic 14:22 31 Oct 2011

Mine just showed a link, I presume to their 'mucky pictures' (didn't look)

I had looked at Properties | Details | message source (in OE)

  Muergo 16:58 31 Oct 2011

As I said, they just showed a link which I have not touched but wondered if anyone else had and primarily from which site did they get my email address, as I won't be too pleased with them if it's full of mucky pictures, how did you know about the pictures?? What did message details show?

I'm not giving them any feedback to show I've received them.

  lotvic 18:00 31 Oct 2011

Message details show all the headers and source and the contents. Mostly the addys have been spoofed to look as if they come from somewhere/someone else.

I don't delve too far as I know they are spam and prob full of malware should I be so foolish to click on a link.

I did google a link to see what that would show. Brazil is in the top rank for sending spam and infected links.

Curiosity can have disastrous consequences for a pc...

  Muergo 21:23 31 Oct 2011

Since putting block on I haven't had any more so hope that's the end of it all.

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