e mail whilst abroad

  bswatts 16:59 09 Oct 2004

I run Windows XP (home), have broadband and use OE 6.0 for e mail. I am about to spend some time in the USA. Can i get e mail by clidking on the OE icon and then inserting my e mail address and password from any remote computer. If not, can some kind person tell me how?
Many thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 17:03 09 Oct 2004

Easiest way is to go to mail2web.com and put in your pop3 username / password details. That way all your mail will be available.

  palinka 17:13 09 Oct 2004

Some ISPs (eg Tiscali and Wanadoo) now have "Webmail" or "Netmail" which work in the same way as mail2web.
Go to your ISp's site and see whether they have a "check your email" option, if so that's "Webnail". Whichever option you use you can try it out before you go abroad.

  It's Me 20:34 09 Oct 2004


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