E-mail spam help !

  chriscross72 13:59 28 Nov 2006

I have an uncle -who is 65- who is suffering from the usual 'enlarge this' 'buy that' sort of junk e-mail that he can well do without !
He uses outlook express for his e-mails on his blueyonder broadband connection.
Hes a complete novice with the pc and has no idea how to stop this rubbish getting through and deletes each junk e-mail individually.
Is there an easy option to helping him with this problem like Thunderbird or similar ?
He'd like an easy way of receiving and sending e-mail without having the hassle of negotiating piles of junk-sometimes offensive looking-e-mails
Could anyone recommend a suitable solution please ?

Thank you : ))

  Jackcoms 14:04 28 Nov 2006
  Jackcoms 14:07 28 Nov 2006

Should have said - this will allow him to see what is on his ISP's e-mail servers before downloading e-mail to his PC.

He can then block e-mail addresses and filter out certain 'offensive' words/phrases (such as Viagra).

  wee eddie 15:27 28 Nov 2006

There is only one problem with e-mail filters.

Sometimes they filter something that you need, so you really need to check through your Spam every day or two, before deleting it.

p.s. Most Uncles, Aunts, Grandfathers and Grandmothers for that matter! Know more about the world than you do. He is more likely to be annoyed by Spam than embarrassed, so checking through the Spam Folder will be more of a chore than a problem.

  Kate B 15:33 28 Nov 2006

I'm possibly missing something but I think Mailwasher is a pain. You still have to teach it what to filter out, which (presumably) the filters in Outlook can do anyway without an extra layer of software. I just set my junk protection to "normal", block the sender of anything that gets through into my inbox and add to my spam rule every time something new comes up so that it filters all the obvious words in the subject line and body text, and then check the junk folder maybe once or twice a day to make sure it's not overzealously binning real email.

  Jackcoms 15:35 28 Nov 2006

"Hes a complete novice with the pc and has no idea how to stop this rubbish getting through and deletes each junk e-mail individually"

Although wee eddie makes a reasonably valid point, there is really only one way to deal with spam. Your uncle should change his e-mail address and then limit the number of people who know the new address (immediate family, close friends, etc).

He should not spread his address about by signing up to a myriad of different e-mail newsletters or websites which require an e-mail address to log in. That's the best way to have your address 'harvested' and used for spamming.

  Jackcoms 15:38 28 Nov 2006

"which (presumably) the filters in Outlook can do anyway"

Possibly so. But read chriscross72's post again - his uncle uses Outlook Express.

  freaky 15:50 28 Nov 2006

I use to get a lot of spam via NTL BB up until 18 months ago. I installed Norton Anti-Spam, this did not stop the junk coming in, but at least it filtered it to a special folder.

Then NTL did something their end and the spam reduced from over a hundred a day to about 6.

So I suggest that chriscross72 uncle changes his ISP to one that blocks the spam in a similar fashion as NTL.

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