E-mail scam in repy for item for sale. £100 shipping charge paid!!!!

  compumac 14:37 22 May 2013

I have a smartphone for sale and am trying to explain to a relative as to how the following e-mail is a total scam but cannot remember as to how it works.

"Thanks for getting back to me concerning this item, i will like to know the condition of this item and is the original box still available and other accessories,i am buying it for my Son as a Birthday Gift and i will be paying via PayPal and £100 will be added to the cost of the item as shipping charges Via {Royal Mail International},if you don't have a PayPal account you can get an account set up just visit www.PayPal.com,but if you already have a PayPal account just send me your full name and your PayPal email address for the instant payment and i will like you to include some picture with your reply so i can make the payment as soon as possible."

  lotvic 15:01 22 May 2013

Nigerian Paypal fraud https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/Selling-on-eBay/Fraud-in-Nigeria/td-p/451797?profile.language=en-gb

There are variants but it goes something like this: They get you to send the goods. They have stolen/spoofed the paypal account. paypal takes the money back off you. Scammers get the goods.

You are not covered by eBay as you have dealt direct with the buyer by sending buyer your paypal details. i.e. the payment has not gone through eBay.

  lotvic 15:11 22 May 2013
  compumac 16:19 22 May 2013

Thanks for responses. Actually the item was not advertised on e-bay but the same scenario existed anyway.

  lotvic 17:24 22 May 2013

My second link was about items on craiglist, same scenario - instant pay via paypal.

I know you knew it was a scam but you wanted to explain to someone else how scam works so thought it best to put a couple of links to examples.

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