E mail response to answers to a thread?

  TonyV 19:42 27 Sep 2011

Referring to No response I mention here about a lack of e mail response when there has been a response to a topic I have raised. What would cause this to stop coming through now? I don't think I have done anything because all I do is wait for an e mail and then go to the topic. How else am I expected to know when someone has put forward a response, short of continually visiting the site?



  lotvic 20:09 27 Sep 2011

Don't know why those notifications have stopped but maybe if you tick the box below the compose "Tick here if you would like to subscribe to this thread" you might get email to say there has been a post.

I agree we didn't have to do that before to get notifications for our own thread - must be a new quirk.

I have ticked the box so I'll post back if I get an email.

  TonyV 20:15 27 Sep 2011


Your response above resulted in an e mail for me telling me so!! I have done nothing except taking out the tick in one of the boxes, "Allow users to subscribe to my posts", in my Profile!

Ah! well.


  lotvic 20:22 27 Sep 2011

That explains why I got an email to say you had posted, but I didn't get one to say I had (you hadn't unticked the box when I posted first time)

  lotvic 20:25 27 Sep 2011

Or then again, I might be confused, maybe I don't get one to say I've posted.... Ho Hum

  TonyV 20:32 27 Sep 2011


There has been no e mail for your last two responses. I give up!!


PS: this "new" site has been working for some months now, but how I wish it could do the simple things simply. Come back old site, all is forgiven!!

  TonyV 20:36 27 Sep 2011

I've now reverted back to ticking my un-ticked shown in my 8:15pm above.


  lotvic 20:44 27 Sep 2011

I've had no more emails to say new posts. So at least you have success in stopping them ;-)

  TonyV 20:52 27 Sep 2011


My problem is I want to get the e mail that says there is a response. It just seems to have gone AWOL!


  TonyV 20:54 27 Sep 2011

On that last response I actually checked the box Below the answer box. I'll see what happens there. Maybe you have to click that every time you post a response! No permanent setting to get the e mail.


  lotvic 21:18 27 Sep 2011

I'll try it again with box below ticked

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