E-mail received from [email protected]

  Ridleyrider 10:04 03 Mar 2004

I had an e-mail titled 'Password' from '[email protected]' in my Hotmail inbox this morning.

From the inbox view, it had an attachment. Now, probably very foolishly, I opened the e-mail and there was no text content. There also wasn't an attachment. I closed the e-mail and deleted it.

Anyone know what damage I may have done?

I'm running Windows XP & Avant anti-virus.

  rickf 10:09 03 Mar 2004

You have now most likely been infected with a virus. Scan your system now. MS never sends out emails to you. It is most certainly a virus email which you have allowed in by opening the attachment. Scan now and get rid of it.

  rickf 10:10 03 Mar 2004

BTW, do not send emails to anyone or you'll be helping to propagate the virus. Make sure you clean your system first.

  curlylad 10:15 03 Mar 2004

Why oh why , and still they come !
How many times do people have to post on here before we learn.C'mon , you've been posting on here long enough to know better !
However whats done is done.Run your AV for starters see what or if it picks anything up.Then I/m sure Stuartli might give you a much needed tutorial on preview panes , and as for the damage caused well hopefully none but worse case scenario really doesn't bare thinking about.I know this reply sounds a little harsh but just review the first couple of pages from the Helproom and see how many similar postings/threads have appeared over the last couple of days , read them for future reference !Fore warned is fore armed!

  chesterfield 10:57 03 Mar 2004

If you've picked up a virus recently a good place to start (with a view to removing it) is here - click here

You can download the Stinger for free and its very easy to use.

Is your PC showing any particular signs that it has a virus?

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