E mail received in MIME !!

  martin p 07:37 03 Jan 2012

Hi. All And a happy new year to you ALL.

Problem, when my brother-in-law sends me any type of email, with or without picture att. it always arrives in MIME so I end up with nothing but pages of Alpha numeric nonsense !! He uses XP and Outlook Exp. The same thing sent from his laptop, arrives perfectly. Any help would be appreciated with this problem would be great.

Thank You & regards Martin p

  sharpamat 08:31 03 Jan 2012

You dont say what system you are useing, microsoft,mac, or other OS http://www.fileinfo.com/extension/mime Have a read it may be helpful

  martin p 11:08 03 Jan 2012

I did say, it was XP ( Windows) using Outlook Express, Hope this helps .?

  lotvic 11:56 03 Jan 2012

martin p, Do you mean that you are also on XP ( Windows) using Outlook Express?

That's a bit puzzling, looking at the properties of my email (XP and Outlook Express) all of my emails both sent and received are in MIME encoding and I haven't had a problem.

"The same thing sent from his laptop" On your pc, can you compare two identical emails in the properties in Details, message source to see what if anything is different?

I don't think MIME encoding is the problem. I do think it may be possible he is sending you HTLM from his pc and Plain Text from his laptop and you have your setting to read all emails in Plain text ticked.

If so, you need to look at your settings in Tools | Options | Read,tab, and UNtick 'Read all messages in plain text'

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