E-Mail problems

  freaky 15:50 08 Apr 2008

I have a LAN network of two PC's, use Outlook Express V6.0, XP (SP2)and two e-mail addresses one for personal use and the other for business mail. I am using NTL as my ISP.

Recently I have had problems with my business e-mail, the other one is OK.

I can send e-mails but they are not received,and I don't get any error messages ! Also e-mails sent to me are not being received.

Yesterday I sent an e-mail to myself using the business address on this PC and it arrived OK.

Does anybody know what could be the cause ?

  Ditch999 16:34 08 Apr 2008

Is your business address a domain name or is it a variation of your personal email address?

  freaky 16:44 08 Apr 2008

It's one I got from NTL a few years ago, and the password is a variation of my personal address i.e. H02......as opposed to H01.....


  Ditch999 16:48 08 Apr 2008

I meant the bit after the @ symbol in the address. Is it the same in both email addresses eg [email protected] and [email protected], with "here" being the name I am interested in.
If you were able to send and receive mail via your own PC that would indicate the mail is working but maybe the people receiving it have SPAM filters and its being treated as junk.

  anniesboy 16:54 08 Apr 2008

Do you have anti-virus /anti-spyware that monitors email in and out?
If so it might be worth disabling then trying a send.

  freaky 17:40 08 Apr 2008

Thanks for the replies. In answer to Ditch999.....yes, after the @ they are the same.

As regards Spam Filters or A/V, I don't think that could be the cause.

I did contact NTL last week and an 'Indian Gentlemen' said the fault was due to a particular Server and it would be repaired on 6th April but evidently not done yet !

I will be back on line at 18.30 so please accept my apologies for any delays in replying.

  freaky 19:21 08 Apr 2008

I'm back.

I just sent an email using my Business Address to my Personal Address and it arrived OK.

When I sent another using my Personal Address to Business Address it did not arrive !!!

  freaky 19:23 09 Apr 2008

Spoke to NTL this morning and the problem was due to the Account Name for the Business e-mail was incorrect. It should have been the characters before the @ of the Business e-mail address.

As a result I had 110 e-mails arrive!!!

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