e-mail problems...

  end 00:35 14 Sep 2004

does anyone know how to sort out this

click here

I have not yet had a response from the postmaster thingi, and my e mails are now going to my new address for the time being ; but, cannot understand why this should have happened, nor what I can do to try and sort it out;

any ideas would be gratefully received please..tas

  mbp 06:13 14 Sep 2004

(1) Did you tick or untick the box that requested an email notification when a reply was received?
(2) I am sure that you have more than one email client, like everyone else. I have often found mail has been diverted to the "Junk Mail Box" or file of one of my other mail clients. Worth checking around first.

  end 06:23 14 Sep 2004

1) I"ll go back again to check, but am damn sure I DID "tick" the "request an e mail response ( now you"ve got me thinking !!)

2) ??how DO I find THAT one out?

I do have another address with the same ISP .

3) how do I find my "junk Mail Box" with Talkgas.net?

and I know the thing "works" as such as I have received responses to my changed "trialing" e mail address :)

  end 07:27 14 Sep 2004

I have rechecked that the boxes for the responses ARE "ticked" as requested ; what I am going to try is to go back to the original e mail address and just see if that MAY "kick-start" the thing into "recognising" the address on their system; this is frustrating to say the least, and especially, when, in my Professional Field, significant changes are afoot;

but..how or where do I find this so-called "junk mail box"?

  rawprawn 08:09 14 Sep 2004

Which program are you using Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird ? each one is configured differently for Junk mail or Spam.

  end 10:40 14 Sep 2004

neither!!it is a web-based e maail account and I read my e mails direct from the server.

am still waiting to hear from them at talkgas.net with any kind of reply to my queries.

it is most odd, as I AM receiving the automated resposes from THIS forum, but, for some very annoying reason, NOT the other one.

what I AM seeking, is some idea from this forum as to what I can ask the other forum"s people to "look at" on their server to see if something has " got a glitch on it" where MY address is concerned

??F.E. any ideas from the "boys in the back room" , any suggestions as to what just might BE causing this to be happening with ANY adress on a forum?

  mbp 12:05 14 Sep 2004

Much of my junk mail is screened out with the use of Mailwasher.

In Hotmail all suspected Junk Mail is in the Junk email Box.
In Yahoo mail junk mail ends up in the "Bulk Mail Box".
In BT-Yahoo Mail, junk mail ends up in the bulk mail box.
There is also a screen in Thunderbird, but I have not set it up as I am covered by Mailwasher.

You have to set up your criteria for junk mail. For example: If recipient (you) is not specifically in the Sent To address; or if sender is not in your address book, or if Topic is Loans, or Viagra or some such nonsense, send to Junk mail.

Hope this helps.

  end 12:23 14 Sep 2004

I still have not received a response from my talkgas support line nor the postmaster at supanet;
and mailwasher is not the culprit here as the mails are not, as far as I can tell, even getting into my "inbox" on my server; if they WERE I would be DELIGHTED to include them in my "freinds" list":)

I am going to put in yet another query to the Professional web site to see what they can recheck,, but I am getting rather scheptical of their ability to actually grasp my difficulty, or deal with it.

?does the postmaser have a web site , does anyone know?

  bandit2 13:56 14 Sep 2004

I have this problem in reverse. I use outlook to send e-mails. My e-mails to Hotmail addresses have sudenly started being returned as "undeliverable after 4 days". No such problems in the past 2 years. E-mails from a Hotmail or a Yahoo address still get delivered to the ones that refuse my e-mails. Any ideas where my problem is, please?

  end 22:10 14 Sep 2004

have just received a reply from the postmaster and have asked them to send me the mail they say I have recieved, for me to visually check it for mysself; meanwhile I have yet to check the other forum for any replies to my threads on there; this is a pain I could well do without;;

talkgas.net have yet to get back to me with their "end" of the story

and bandit2

could you please start your own thread as mine is complicated enough without another member trying to sort out their problem on it, and lord knows where my query will end up..

  VoG II 22:17 14 Sep 2004

If that is the original BANDIT2 he may be hovering somewhere between a gyroscope and a linear induction motor.

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