E-mail problem..do not understand..please help!..

  Piecan 18:11 17 Jan 2004

I just cannot work this out. E-mails are going to and from my machine ok except to one particular friend who is with btinternet. You'd think that it must be her server but no..when I e-mail her from another machine (via same isp with same e-mail address) she receives them! I have the same firewall on both machines. The only difference is that my old one has Norton antivirus and is 98se and new one is xp with Nod32...but that wouldn't make a difference would it? Any ideas?! Thanks.

  AragornUK 18:19 17 Jan 2004

I know this is really stupid, but you have checked the spelling of the email address on the PC that won't send? A mate of mine had a similar problem and instead of btinternet.com he'd done btinernet.com

Basic I know, but worth asking.....

  Piecan 18:33 17 Jan 2004

Thanks AragornUK but sorry that isn't it as I e-mail the person at a hotmail address. It works fine from old machine but not new one... Just can't understand it..driving me mad!

  VoG II 18:34 17 Jan 2004

Do you get a "bounced" error message or does the mail simply disappear into cyberspace?

  Piecan 18:38 17 Jan 2004

Yes just disappears into cyberspace...wonder where they all are!!

  DieSse 20:27 17 Jan 2004

"Thanks AragornUK but sorry that isn't it as I e-mail the person at a hotmail address"

But the point was - have you checked the spelling - very carefully ??

  Piecan 21:03 17 Jan 2004

Yes I have checked the e-mails very carefully. I e-mail my friend a lot and she is only getting the ones sent from my old machine and not the new one. I've rang my isp and they don't know what to suggest but say they will keep a watch on the problem. Does anyone know what this problem could be? thanks.

  VoG II 21:08 17 Jan 2004

Are you doing this from your address book? If so delete the existing entry and try sending an e-mail by (carefully) typing the address into the To box.

  Piecan 19:06 18 Jan 2004

Hi Vog

No I'm not using an address book. I never store e-mails in one. I'm typing the e-mail address very carefully. This is really annoying me as I'm receiving hers and she is getting mine but only from my old computer! I know she has some nasties on her machine (diallers and spyware) as when I did a scan of her machine with Pestscan it showed them. I've done mine too but it's clean. Could there be something on her machine which is refusing e-mails just from a certain computer? She has Zonealarm can this allow emails from one computer but not another?...

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