GARVINO 11:51 28 Oct 2010

When I go to read my e-mail the screen image jumps around and impossible to read. If I reboot the computer all is well again. I downloaded the latest AVG anti virus and Adobe 9 software yesterday. I have not tried system restore as yet. Any ideas?

  Jwbjnwolf 14:53 28 Oct 2010

just to let you know that lots of people having probs with avg latest version,
no idea if it could be to do with avg 2011 but take this into accont if you cannot find any other cause

  GARVINO 11:48 29 Oct 2010

Thank you jwarn lets hope if I uninstall it will cure the problem. I may wait to see if AVG bring out a fix I am also being asked by AVG to restart this I have done many times to no avail Uninstall may be the only answer Thank You

  Jwbjnwolf 16:11 01 Nov 2010

I loved avg 9 and avg 2011 is working ok on my pc but I did at first have probs which have sorted out but no idea if it was avg or not but to let you know, as far as I have heard on some of these threads, avg is aware and is thinking of a solution but hope this works.
Try avast as I have heard good things in the past and if you are a subscriber of which? mag then they will tell you the best and the worst.
one that I advise you to stay away from is comodo internet sercurity which I one time installed and found out it was nothing but a pain in the ****.
It was not a trogan as it came from a free disk that came with pc pro mag.

  GARVINO 16:27 01 Nov 2010

Very kind of you to come back jwarn The plot thickens I am able to see my e-mails using mozilla. If you have any other ideas I would appreciate your input. Ran MALWARE found two infections unfortunately I still have the problem.

  Jwbjnwolf 16:49 01 Nov 2010

I am sorry to say that I do not know any more suggestions as I never have dealt with pc infections or email probs like this.
hope that somebody can help further
Is it a laptop or complete pc?
if it is a laptop see if you can take it to a supermarket like tesco extra and say you got it from them and explain your prob and they may be able to help you
I had to have some help with reinstalling preinstalled vista because my mum forgot her password and she was administrater(safe mode does not have the extra administrater account like xp in vista or win 7) and tesco extra, in reading was very helpful indeed.
give that ago, never know if you dont try.

  GARVINO 16:53 01 Nov 2010

Its a full PC jware will keep you posted if I find solution Many Thanks

  Jwbjnwolf 17:00 01 Nov 2010

How old is the pc?
what make is it?
what model is it?

  Woolwell 17:03 01 Nov 2010

You are obviously using webmail through Internet Explorer and not through an e-mail client like Windows Live Mail. Which version of IE?
Is your java and flash up to date? Are your windows updates ok?

  GARVINO 17:06 01 Nov 2010

PC about one year made by a reputable PC maker They are baffled but would be willing to sort out if problem becomes more serious I am looking to upgrade to Win 7 and will probly leave it until then.

  GARVINO 17:09 01 Nov 2010

Thank you woolwell Using Explorer 8 Not sure if Java up to date would that make a difference?

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