rosie12 15:17 23 Feb 2006

Hi, After doing a windows re-install I thought that i had backed up all my files, when I came to re-install them my dvd was empty, so my fault,somehow I just assumed that all my files were on the dvd but it was empty. but is there any way of retrieving e-mails, say for the last couple of months, as there are some very important ones there that I thought that I had backed up and now I have lost them....I am using outlook express with win. ex


  rawprawn 15:23 23 Feb 2006

if you did a complete reinstall including format, they are gone.

  rosie12 15:35 23 Feb 2006

It did ask me if I wanted to back-up settings and programs I said yes?....Does the server keep old e-mail?

  remind 15:49 23 Feb 2006

Messages will only be kept on your email server if you specifically chose that option in your account settings. Make absolutely sure regarding your DVD - run this click here and click Disc

  rosie12 16:33 23 Feb 2006

Unfortunately its telling me it's blanl, I can't believe this has happenned, I always, always, back-up but this time????

  remind 16:40 23 Feb 2006

It's a very very remote possibility but you might get some stuff back with this; click here
Look for files ending .dbx, may not work at all if you did a reformat and reinstall but you have nothing to lose. Save and *install* the program on a different partition
than your main drive, or even on to a USB flash drive and run it from there.

  rosie12 17:10 23 Feb 2006

Hi, I am trying it out now.....How is is then that people like the police can get data back when people have deleted it???

  rosie12 15:27 24 Feb 2006

Hi, Thanks I am still trying it....

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