e mail problem

  OAP65 09:42 04 Oct 2005

I run Outlook Express as my e mail program all my mail arrives exept from one friend who uses Hotmail. When she tries to send me an e mail she gets the message "this is a warning message only you do not need to re-send your message delivery then my e mail address has been delayed" it does not arrive at all it was sent on the 2nd. October.
I use AVG, Zone Alarm also Spybot. Any suggestions

  BurrWalnut 09:47 04 Oct 2005

It's probably a problem the other end.

Surely all the wording you put in quotation marks representing the error message can't be right.

Or is it?

  Yoda Knight 09:47 04 Oct 2005

Sounds like it a problem at Hotmails side. Get some one else with a hotmail acc to try and send you an email and see if they get the same message

  bruno 09:50 04 Oct 2005

My wife uses Hotmail and she gets this message when sending a message to her sister on NTL.It never happens on my Hotmail account and as far as I am aware not to any other of her addresses.

  Wak 10:04 04 Oct 2005

I am on NTL and earlier this year tried to open a Hotmail account. It just wouldn't work for me as there seems to be some incompatibility between the two companies.

  OAP65 12:41 06 Oct 2005

Thank you all for your replies. To BURRWALNUT the exact message is "This is a warning message only, you do not need to resend your message" followed by the information--Delivery to the following recipients has been delayed.----followed by MY e mail address. This is the message that arrives at the SENDER not me.

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