e-mail not delivered

  mine 11:35 04 Oct 2005

I receive a club newsletter via e-mail. The sender has had the mail returned with the following error message

504 wwl>:Helo command rejected: need fully-qualified hostname

We have no idea what this means and would appreciate any suggestions.

  SANTOS7 11:39 04 Oct 2005

# Error Message: 504 : Helo command rejected: need fully-qualified hostname.
# Solution: Your mail server needs to be reconfigured to send a proper helo greeting.

  mine 11:56 04 Oct 2005

Thanks santos7

Sorry to be a bit dim but by mail server do you mean I need to contact my isp or is it something on my machine?

The thing is, only mail from this one person is rejected which implies my end is ok and it is something to do with him.

  SANTOS7 12:05 04 Oct 2005

Not exactly aufait with this but the error message
(after a bit of digging) is treating the newsletter emails you are receiving as a virus/spam and henceforth bouncing it back to sender

  mine 10:03 05 Oct 2005

I think you are right . It looks like the attachment is being treated as a possible virus. I've contacted my isp for some advice.

Thanks very much for the help

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