E-mail message disappears after I've read it !!

  TommyRed 20:42 27 Mar 2003

Over the past few days e-mail messages disappear, can't find them, after I've ticked the box to close them they just disappear. Luckily I printed out an e-mail confirmation from easyJet before it went. This never used to happen, but I've changed ISP's and some of the settings may have been changed. Any ideas? Thanks

  MAJ 20:50 27 Mar 2003

Is this webmail or POP mail, TommyRed? What is your email client, operating system and new ISP?

  TommyRed 21:21 27 Mar 2003

Maj, my OS is 98SE, new ISP is tesco.net and don't know what my e-mail client is, or how to find out, Cheers.

  MAJ 21:30 27 Mar 2003

Your email client is the program you use to send and receive email, TommyRed, Outlook Express or Outlook for example. Or as I said, are you using webmail like Hotmail or Yahoo for example?

  TommyRed 21:33 27 Mar 2003

My e-mail client is Outlook Express, and is POP 3 mail.

  flecc 21:38 27 Mar 2003

Try changing the destination that they are saved to.

To change the storage location for your Email Folder, go to Outlook Express, Tools, Options, then Maintenance. Click the Store Folder Button and you will be able to change it to another folder/location.

  MAJ 21:58 27 Mar 2003

Also check that there aren't any message rules set up to delete the emails. Tools > Message Rules > Mail.

  MAJ 22:21 27 Mar 2003

You're not being very forthcoming with any feedback here, TommyRed. Another option for you. Go to View > Current View and make sure "Hide Read Messages" isn't ticked.

  Megatyte 22:34 27 Mar 2003

In OE click View - Current View - Show All Messages. At the moment you have Hide Read Messages selected.


  MAJ 22:36 27 Mar 2003

I see my invisibility tablets are still working. ;-)

  Megatyte 22:38 27 Mar 2003

Cross posted.

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