Is the e-mail legit??

  Thomo1 18:54 05 Jan 2005

I have just recieved an e-mail from "wanadoo".

I have just upgraded to broadband from Freeserve Anytime.

The e-mail reads:

Dear Andrew

Confirmation of Direct Debit

We are pleased to confirm that your chosen method of payment is by direct debit. It is important that within the next 48 hours, you check and confirm that the bank details you gave us are correct.

To check your details, simply use the link below to login to your Wanadoo account. You will need to have your email address and password ready;

click here

If the details we have for you are incorrect, please follow the necessary links once you have logged into your Wanadoo account, to amend your details online.

If your details are correct you don't need to do anything and your Direct Debit will be processed as normal. A copy of the Direct Debit Guarantee is below.

Thank you for being with Wanadoo.

Best regards

Philip Mehl
Managing Director, Sales and Communication

This email has been sent from an unattended mailbox. Sorry, but we can't reply to emails sent to this address.

Wanadoo plc, Campus 500, Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP2 7TG.
Registered in England and Wales, No 3014367. VAT No. 764 4788 81
UK address for Service PO Box 384, Middlesbrough, TS1 2WX

Can any1 confirm that they too have had this e-mail from Wanadoo?

  octal 18:57 05 Jan 2005

I think I would be very suspicious of it. Can you contact them to double check?

  Thomo1 19:02 05 Jan 2005

i am very wary of it because i did not give them any details.

When i went through the upgrade process online i entered i was already a customer (have been for 1year), entered my e-mail address and on the payment screen already had my payment details from when i previously set up my Anytime account.

I did not change any payment details.
They have been charging me for a year using the same details so why are "they" e-mailing me asking for confirmation??


  spuds 19:06 05 Jan 2005

Telephone Wanadoo customer support for billing,account and general enquiries 0870 872 0099 [national rate,lines open 8am-10pm]
Personally I would not reply on-line to that email, before I had checked with the Wanadoo support.

  bremner 19:07 05 Jan 2005

I have run the site that you have provided the link to through Sam Spade with this result click here

No guarantee that it is genuine - only by contacting Wanadoo can you be sure.

  octal 19:08 05 Jan 2005

Seeing as you've been with them for a year there's no reason why there should be any problem. Keep the email and contact Wanadoo, if they want the email don't forward the email, they will probably want the email with all its headers and routing information, they will tell you how to do that if the email is spoofed.

  Thomo1 19:09 05 Jan 2005

will phone them.

The e-mail address is was sent from is:

[email protected]

  Forum Editor 19:15 05 Jan 2005

it's asking you to check some details that are already there - that's all you have to do.

The first thing to notice when you click on the email link is that it takes you to a secure server. You know this because you see two things:-

an address that starts 'https'

a padlock icon appears in your browser window.

If you double-click on the padlock you'll see that Verisign have provided Wanadoo with a certification for the server, and you can read details of the certificate online.

The site is OK - it's Wanadoo, and you may safely log-in and check your details.

  Forum Editor 19:18 05 Jan 2005

that the reason you are being asked to confirm the details is because you have just initiated a new direct debit mandate in favour of Wanadoo. You've upgraded your connection, and as this will involve increased charges Wanadoo quite correctly need you to confirm the mandate details.

  JIM 19:21 05 Jan 2005

We will collect your monthly fee in advance using the payment method you chose when you signed up. You can choose to pay by Direct Debit, Visa, Mastercard or Delta.

Your first payment will be taken within 28 days of when you complete registration. """"We will continue to use the payment details you gave us during registration until you tell us differently"""

If you pay for your AnyTime service using a credit card, make sure that you remember to give us your new credit card details, when your existing one expires. You can do this online at click here

click here

  justme 19:22 05 Jan 2005

I too have recently upgraded to broadband on Wanadoo from Freeserve anytime and also have received the same e-mail. As FE has pointed out they are not asking you for your details, rather the reverse in that they are supplying the details they hold and asking you to confirm that they are still correct.

If the details are correct then you do not have to do anything.

Hope this sets your mind at rest

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