e- mail infection

  altens 09:44 07 Apr 2012

When I send an e-mail the following website aapears on the e-mail and it has been sending this to my contacts. http://nynews15.net/jobs/?news=3412299

It seems I have caught an infection of some kind. Any ideas what this web site is and how I can get rid of the infection.

I use Windows 7 and BT Openworld.

  rdave13 09:46 07 Apr 2012

That is a bad link according to McAfee, so suggest no-one clicks on it. Have you run your security software?

  Nontek 11:42 07 Apr 2012

Go into Safe Mode and then do a System Restore back to before you got the infection. Then run a Full Scan with MalwareBytes or similar.

I repeat rdave13's warning -DO NOT click on the link given.

  lotvic 19:19 07 Apr 2012

WARNING Don't click on the link because "This fake news site is one of numerous Russian "work from home" scam sites. You would be well advised to stay far away from these crooks."

more info http://whois.domaintools.com/nynews15.net

Is the link being sent to your contacts on it's own or being added to the bottom of your ordinary emails like a signature would be?

Are you using Webmail or an email client on your pc?

First thing to do is change your password for your email account.

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