E mail 'Important' - is this a virus.

  MFL 19:07 07 May 2004

Yesterday I recieved an e-mail (purporting to be) from [email protected]. The Heading was "Important" and this word was the only thing in the body of the text. The e-mail had an attachment 'Part-2.zip (22.4KB)'

9 minutes later I had an email returned undelivered. I had not sent this email and do not know the addressee. The attachments to the returned item were 'Important (1.21 KB)' & 'ATT00070.dat (121 bytes)'

Anyone else had any experience of this? Is the attachment likely to contain a virus (my AVG virus protection hasn't alerted me to anything)?

Does the fact that someone has been able to send e-mail purporting to come from me indicate that I have a virus or that my password has been compromised? Any action I should take?

Today I have recieved two e-mails from different sources both with heading of Hello. The body of the emails simply say 'Important informations' and 'Important Details'. They have attachments of 'Informations.zip' and 'details.zip respectively. File sizes are 22.4 and 22.5KB ie same as above.

  colberly 19:12 07 May 2004

In the last couple of days I have had 4 e mails with a similar theme, all with an attachment, AVG did pick up on them saying they were infected with the Netsky virus and immediately placed them in the virus vault from where I deleted them.

  Forum Editor 19:17 07 May 2004

that anyone is going to send you a legitimate email that has an attachment, and not include any text in the body of the message to explain what it is.

If you receive mail like that it's obviously suspicious, and should simply be deleted - don't even give it the benefit of the doubt for a moment. You'll drive yourself mad trying to work out if such rubbish contains a virus or is simply spam, so just dump it.

  VoG II 19:18 07 May 2004

Netsky.z virus click here

  palinka 19:25 07 May 2004

sounds like a virus. Screwfix is a genuine company, but some viruses, eg Netsky, "borrow" genuine names.
I've had an email returned that I had not sent. it was definitely a virus.
No, you probably don't have a virus; but someone else does - think of the spiders web that is email: you write to a friend; that friend has other friends; s/he writes to them; they write to others. Any one of those could have an infected computer and there could be a link from any of them.
What to do:
1. Update AVG daily (it will tell you if there is no update necessary)
2. Scan to check that you haven't got a virus (you probably haven't)
3. when you receive any "strange" email you can read the whole thing safely without opening it as follows : right click on the From/Subject title. From the menu that appears click on Properties; then in successive windows click on Details tab and message source. By scrolling through you can see its source and read the whole thing. If it's gobbledegook it's almost certain to be a virus. Then delete it and empty it from the deleted file.
4. You have turned off your preview pane, haven't you?

  Gongoozler 19:25 07 May 2004

Does AVG not scan incoming emails? I would have thought that this is an essential feature of any good antivirus package.

  palinka 19:26 07 May 2004

the FE and others type faster than me!

  MFL 20:12 07 May 2004

Thanks for the advice everyone. All of the emails - and another similar one that has arrived in the meantime have now been deleted.
AVGs Email Scanner says that itis active & functional but I'm not clear how it operates - would it perhaps have alerted me if I had tried to open the attachment?

  Dipso 22:19 07 May 2004

AVGs Email Scanner says that itis active & functional but I'm not clear how it operates - would it perhaps have alerted me if I had tried to open the attachment?

I would like to know the answer to that too. I had a spate of dodgy emails which turned out to contain Netsky variants. The only way I knew was by deleting them and then going into the deleted folder. AVG would then alert me that Netsky had been found in an email.

  Dipso 22:22 07 May 2004

What e-mail clients are supported by AVG Free?
AVG Free Edition currently supports Microsoft Outlook email client.

So does that mean, OE is not supported?

  hssutton 23:23 07 May 2004

If you look just above the "Advanced settings" tab you will see a little check box "Use Outlook Express 5 Plug In", not sure if this also means it's OK for v6

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