E-Mail Duplication

  milkybarkid 20:30 03 Oct 2004

I use MS Outlook both at the office for company e-mails and at home for my private e-mail. I am going to be off work for some time following an op. but I would like to have visibilty of the company e-mails and what has happened to them. Is there any way of seeing them in Outlook on my home PC?

  PSF 20:38 03 Oct 2004

In outlook you can use the 'out of office assistant' to divert your e-mail to your home address. It will also keep a copy on your work pc if needed.

  milkybarkid 20:47 03 Oct 2004

If I use this will my Sec. still be able to access/deal with the e-mails as normal?
I just want a bit of visibility as to what is happening.

  PSF 20:54 03 Oct 2004

Yes she will as long as she leaves your account set at 'out of office'.

If you use Microsoft Exchange you could also access your e-mail via Microsoft Office, Outlook Web Access. It is a bit slow but allows you full access to mail and all your contacts.

  milkybarkid 00:01 06 Oct 2004

Someone told me PC Anywhere was the answer to my prob. Any comments?

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