E-Mail contact with Orange Broadband.

  buckland 19:15 10 Jun 2007

Can any one advise please as to how contact may be made with Orange (Broadband)by E-Mail? I have an Accounts/Registration query and have attempted to use the Orange Website "e-mail Message Box" but there is no indication that one's message has been despatched or received by Orange. I have sent five messages today but nothing of course shows up in my "Sent Box" and there are no acknowledgements. As I am profoundly deaf telephoning them is out of the question since I have tried and it seems as though I am talking to a Welshman down a long distance tunnel which is very confusing. This is not a technical question but I am frustrated by going around the Orange Website in circles trying to put a straight forward question by e-mail to what I had assumed was an IPSA and presumably therefore someone who would be familiar with using e-mails in the conduct of their business, Any advice other than having to resort to the delays and backward step of using Snail Mail would be appreciated. Frankly one cannot help but feel that the content of the Orange Website has been designed specifically to stun anyone wishing to make an enquiry into forgetting what it was to start with and then give up in frustration. I assume of course that they are still operating today. Regards and thanks. Buckland.

  VCR97 19:34 10 Jun 2007

This used to work. I don't know if it still does.

[email protected]

  Woolwell 20:22 10 Jun 2007

At the top of this page click here there is a contact us by e-mail click through. Use that and submit your e-mail request. You will get a pretty prompt automated e-mail reply to acknowledge receipt. The actual reply can take some time though.

Is there anything we can help with?

  buckland 00:50 11 Jun 2007

Thanks VCR97 and Woolwell. I have just sent a brief e-mail to the address VCR97 provided and I shall await an acknowledgement or some reaction hopefully.
Thanks also to Woolwell and I have tried through the e-mail "submit e-mail request" but was unable to see whether my five efforts were despatched and there was no form of acknowledgement. In fact after clicking on "Submit" the page reverted to the previous page being a sort of Q & A List. Many thanks for your kind offer of help but at this stage you will see that I have followed VCR97's advice so at this stage I propose to await a response from Orange to establish an e-mail dialogue and will let you know what transpires.
Regards, Buckland.

  buckland 10:37 12 Jun 2007

VCR97. Many thanks for your advice. I used the e-mail address you suggested and it has worked. I have a reply from Orange Customer Services and hopefully we now have a dialogue. Most grateful. Thanks also to Woolwell for offer of help. Regards. Buckland.

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