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  JAC13 21:21 15 Feb 2008

Hi all
Sorry ive not posted for a while, Ive been busy with the kids and messing about with a couple of sites Ive been building. click here this is how the boyfriends site is coming along.
Anyways, I have been asked to do a site for my father-in-law for his caravan business. Ive almost done the site and have the hosting ready and have set the e-mail address. My question is..when he has his office set up in his business how can he access his e-mails? I know I can forward his mail to his own e-mail address but how does he reply from the business e-mail address. I have ants forwarded to our personal e-mail and then if he logs into heart he can access and reply to e-mails through there, will my father-in-law have to log into my heart account to do the same?
thanks in advance.

  Forum Editor 09:10 16 Feb 2008

will be able to use Outlook Express, or Outlook, or any other mail client to access his email.

All he has to do is create a mail account in the normal way, entering his HeartInternet domain name server information, together with the username and password.

All the relevant information is contained in the Heart Internet FAQ database - there are detailed instructions on how to set up email software to send and receive.

  Eskarina 09:20 23 Mar 2008

Forum Editor,

do you work for or own heartinternet ?

  Forum Editor 11:22 23 Mar 2008

No, I have no personal financial interest in the company at all. I run a computer and internet consulting business, and design websites for corporate and private clients. In the course of that business I need to host many sites, and therefore operate what is called a reseller account with Heart. It means I can sell domain names, host sites, operate mail-servers, etc., and to all intents and purposes run an independent hosting business via the Heart servers.

It's a very common practice, and you'll find that quite a few forum members have reseller accounts with one hosting company or another.

I use Heart because for my purposes and over many years they are the best I have yet encountered.

  SimpleSimon1 16:07 23 Mar 2008

There's also a real simple 'belt and braces' approach. My wife is in exactly the same position and also uses Heart (for my money, one of the best, especially when it comes to fast turn-around support).

I have a redirect set-up for her emails but, as FE says, I could setup Outlook to directly send and receive via the Heart domain servers. However, being slightly lazy, I just setup a new account in Outlook using our normal email servers and updated the account User Information Email Address field to her Heart 'business email address'

The result of this is that, although her emails are SENT through our normal server, the email address which APPEARS in the 'From' field is her Heart business address. Sure, the user could see the truth if they dive into the header but how many users are going to do that?

Just another way of achieving the same thing :-)

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