E-mail certificates in AVG

  PanMan 20:31 30 Sep 2004

I use windows ME and have Office 2000. I use Outlook with Word as my editor and HTML formats. I have just changed to AVG free version from and old PCillin antivirus. I like the E-mail certificates that AVG creates but find they dont work when using HTML. Is there something I should have done or do I just have to stop using HTML if I want certificates?

  Lionheart ? 20:49 30 Sep 2004

Do you mean check/certify incoming/outgoing messages, if so Open control panel click on the email tab then the advanced settings button, then tick the Outlook plugin.

  PanMan 22:24 30 Sep 2004

Many thanks Lionheart I have done all of those good things. The plugin is for Outlook Express my query is for Outlook in Office 2000 the E-mail certificates work OK if I dont use HTML formats for E-mail but I prefer to use this format then the recipient will see the same thing that I send if using tables and other similar things.

  Jeffers22 08:27 01 Oct 2004

I use Outlook 2002 and AVG and the certification notices work straight out of the box for me. I am sure I read somewhere that Outlook 2000 is supported. Leave the Outlook Express plugin box unticked.

  PanMan 08:50 01 Oct 2004

Jeffers22 many thanks. It works for me except for HTML formatsif I use HTML formats it does not attach a certificate. In all other cases it does.

  OwenLotts 08:55 01 Oct 2004

It's possible the Office Plug-in is not installed.

Close all Office Apps inc Outlook.

Start Menu, Run, type in (edit path if necessary)

regsvr32 "c:\program files\grisoft\avg6\avgoff2k.dll"

and hit enter

You should get a message that says "DllRegisterServer in c:\program files\grisoft\avg6\avgoff2k.dll succeeded."

Open Outlook and try again.

The certification works for me under Outlook 2002 (XP) with HTML mail.

  Jeffers22 09:42 01 Oct 2004

I tested with HTML format turned on and it works fine. I have upgraded Office 2002 with the latest service pack and seem to remember that lots of people advocating SP1 for Office 2000.

Be interested to hear if OwenLotts suggestion works for you.

  PanMan 00:33 02 Oct 2004

I ran regsvr32 for avgoff2k.dll but nothing changed. I have since downloaded all the critical updates for Windows ME and service pack 3 for Office 2000, then ran regsvr32 for avgoff2k.dll again, still without sucess. So perhaps I will just have bite the bullet and accept that the certificates wont work with HTML in Outlook 2000 OwenLotts and Jeffers22 have Outlook 2002and XP. Its a pity because I think the certificates are a really good idea and show others you are being responsible about keeping up to date with virus prevention. If anyone else has any ideas they would be welcome.

  Djohn 02:10 02 Oct 2004

There is one other thing you can try. Leave the plug in for 5.5 ticked, as you know it will work with version 6 as well under normal circumstances.

When your using HTML the message does not appear but the mail is still scanned/checked, [I think]. Now you need to type your own certificate in by opening AVG control centre/Email scanner tab/advanced settings/certification tab. You will See the message

Incoming mail is certified Virus free" and

"Outgoing mail is certified virus free".

You can add to this message if you wish. I have just placed on mine as other have.

"Don't bother scanning it's virus free"

This message appears just above the original one in all mail sent/received. You can place any message you want in there. Try doing so in HTML if it will allow you to do so, see what the result is.

Both messages will appear in mail sent in normal text but just the one you have typed in when you send mail with HTML. j.

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