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  bswatts 21:41 29 Oct 2004

MS Outlook, when iterrogatinf for new mail, persistently puts up a box asking for my user name and password, which is already filled in correctly. On clicking OK it just keeps coning back! I believe I may be missing mail.
Can anyone help, please?

  VoG II 22:07 29 Oct 2004

Which version of Outlook?

Also, which internet service provider? I get this when blueyonder is playing up.

  bswatts 06:08 30 Oct 2004

To: VoG
Outlook Express 6.0 and Tiscali.

  Dorsai 07:30 30 Oct 2004

I would start by re-typing yourpass word into outlook. As it it just a row of *'s there is no way to tell if you accidently made a typo.

I dont know if it is still tru, but a few months ago when i had a simular problem, i found that tiscali will 'lock' an e-mail address for, i think, half an hour if there are3 failed login attempts. this is to make is much more time consuming to hack in using random passwords. click here

as a test, click here and sign in on line. this will allow you both to check your mail and verify the password is as you remember.

click here for a walk through on setting up outlook wilth tiscali.

  VoG II 08:56 30 Oct 2004

If that doesn't work click here

  Bobby 15:43 02 Feb 2005

I have just had the same symptoms (Outlook Express) after upgrading to broadband (BT Yahoo). I can surf the net O.K. and receive E-mails no problem but it refused to send E-mails. I eventually cured it by doing a hardware reset of the modem/router then re-entering the parameters from the instruction book. It has been suggested to me that perhaps port 110, which outgoing E-mails use, was blocked somehow, or maybe there was a glitch in the firewall settings. I wish I knew exactly what it was, but it seems the old favourite "poke and hope" did the trick!

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