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  tally-ho 00:32 16 Jul 2003

When I receive an attachment to an e-mail i now get a message saying;

OE removed access to the following unsafe attachments in your mail: attachments specified.

this has only occurred in the last two days - any suggestions please.

thank you.

  powerless 00:34 16 Jul 2003

Tools > Options > Security > Remove tick from "Do not allow..."

Click ok.

  keith-236785 08:28 16 Jul 2003

I think OE might be trying to tell you something here, if you do allow these attachments, Take care to only open the ones from people you know, AND EVEN THEN ONLY if they have told you they are sending it to you and what it is called.

if you get ANY that just say "details in the attachment"or "see attached file for details" (especially from Support @ microsoft .com)DONT TOUCH THEM, DELETE THEM this is the latest way of spreading virus/trojans and getting people to unwittingly install them (yes just by opening an attachment). be secure but enjoy your computing.

good luck.

  keith-236785 08:32 16 Jul 2003

for me, when i get an e-mail with a (paperclip) attachment, i look to see who it is from, if i know the person then i will save it to my hard drive, scan it with virus-checker and Trojan Checker.

then i will e-mail the person who sent it and ask them to confirm it is from them. Only then will i open it.

sounds extreme but i have been caught out by my own nosyness (if there is such a word).

  -pops- 08:38 16 Jul 2003

In that example of a sender given above, don't get the impression that it is Microsoft that has sent it.

Microsoft NEVER send unsolicited emails - these are just ways of propagating viruses.

You ought to have a virus checker installed anyway and if you have, as well as the above, set it up to scan incoming emails.


  keith-236785 21:08 16 Jul 2003


thanks for adding that bit, i forgot.

  tally-ho 01:12 17 Jul 2003

Many thanks to 'powerless' who seems to have solved the e-mail 'attachment' problem, also to 'paperman 27' , & 'pops' for good sound advice re antivirus programme.

as an oap i struggle a little to keep up with what all the advice in PC magazines say.

i have another problem. When i run my Norton anti-virus scan program it is not now completing the scan. the PC freezes after about 6k files have been checked. when re-run it again freezes just over 6k files etc.

any suggestions for the oap please ?

Tally ho.

  Taff36 09:15 17 Jul 2003

You should perhaps mark the first thread as solved and start your new problem on a separate one. People won`t spot your last question.

Do that and we`ll see if we can help.

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