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  sil_ver 23:54 08 Jun 2003

This is a problem I've not met before. Attempting to send an e-mail with an attachment approx 3.0MB in size but it seems to time out with the messsage ' Server not responding, do you want to wait a further 60 secs'. this happens toward the end of the send altho' it appears to be sending and receiving it refuses to finish sending which is when I get the 'not responding' message. Sending an e-mail without attachment is OK. My own thoughts are that it might be because the attachment contains an exe. extension that it is being blocked by a firewall on the server. I'm with Freeserve at the moment on a 56Kb modem. Anybody got any thoughts on the problem.

  fitshase 23:57 08 Jun 2003

Try putting the .exe file into a ZIP file as a lot of e-mail programs now do not accept .exe files on attachments.

Also, check with freeserve to see the file size limit that you are allowed to send via e-mail.



  billyliv 00:00 09 Jun 2003

Hi, I would think that trying to send a 3Mb attachment is way beyond what any ISP would accept. It would have to be compressed. Cheers, Bill

  sil_ver 00:20 09 Jun 2003

Thanks for the replys. I suspect the size limit might be a factor altho' Ive sent pictures larger than this. I've tried compressing and zipping which brought it down from 4 to 2.8MB but still no success in sending. Guess I'll just have to put it on a CD-RW.

  PSF 00:28 09 Jun 2003

You can split the e-mail into smaller parts to send it.

In OE click tools>>accounts>>properties>>advanced.

you then get the option to Break apart files larger than xxxx. set a size and then re-send the e-mail. try setting the size as 1024 ie 1 meg.

OE Will split the file up and then when the person receives it the file will be assembled again.

  powerless 00:29 09 Jun 2003

I've sent 5MB files with freeserve.

Tools > Accounts... > Highlight your account > properties > Advanced > Move the SERVER TIMEOUT slider up a bit to 2 mins. Click ok and try

  sil_ver 01:04 09 Jun 2003

Thanks for the input. Even if it doesn't work I'll have learned something. :-))

  hugh-265156 01:18 09 Jun 2003

i tried to send a friend a 4mb zipped file not so long ago using outlook express.ticked the box to break apart files larger than ** (60kb i think was default) and they ended up getting 58 emails with just nonsense code as content.

  anchor 15:32 09 Jun 2003

What I would do is to use a file splitter. Lots of free ones around, such as:

click here

Break down your large 3Mb file into, say, 5 x 600Kb portions. Ensure that both your, and your recipients, Outlook Express server time out is set to maximum, and then send the separate parts as separate E-mails. Inform your recipient how to join them together.

  PSF 22:43 09 Jun 2003

I sent two large e-mails recently one 20meg the other 30mb. I set the limit as 1mb for a test.
The 30mb file was split into 40 1mb files. It opened up ok at the other end. This was using Outlook Express to Outlook Express.

I did send another one to a friend that uses Outlook 2000, it could not open the files.

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