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  Bald Eagle 16:47 06 Jan 2003
  Bald Eagle 16:47 06 Jan 2003

How do I send say 3 A4 pages as an e mail attachment? My scanner program will scan 1 page and automatically make it an attachment but that is it. I cannot do more than one page per e mail.

  Sir Radfordin™ 16:52 06 Jan 2003

If the files are fairly large its normally best to send them as individual attachments anyway.

To send them all at once you would need to save the scanned image and then attach it to an email yourself.

What scanner/software are you using? The Epson ones normally allow you to scan more than one page before you say you are finished.

  anchor 17:07 06 Jan 2003

Sir Radforlin has said it all.

Just save each scanned image, and, IF they are not too large, just attach them to a single e-mail.

How large is too large?, well it also depends if your recipient has broadband. If they do, you could easliy get away with anything up to 1Mb. If they have old 56k dial up, then I would not try anything over 300k in one message. Best not to use Hotmail, as they have quite a small mailbox limit, (unless you pay!)

  Bald Eagle 17:50 06 Jan 2003

Scanner is an Epson Perfection 1640 SU and I use Epson smart panel. Just had another look at this and not obvious how to multiple scan for e mail. Will look more thoroughly. I thought perhaps 3 pages of writing (max) wouldn't be too large. Will scan 3 and see what size I get and proceed accordingly.
Sir Radforlin are you saying that I send 3 emails (if I want to send 3 pages) one saying what I am doing (plus attachment) then 2 others just with attachment and no message. Sorry I am struggling with this but I am computer illiterate!

  Bald Eagle 18:11 06 Jan 2003

Smart panel has an "ENORMOUS" white square saying multiple scan. DOH! A scanned page had a jpeg file size of 1mb, even to me this is big. However, I now know how to do it even if it's not really feasible. Thanks Sir Radforlin and anchor.

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