E-mail with attachment

  Anakrino 10:19 11 Apr 2003

I have received an e-mail with an attachment which I have been unable to open. The preview subject line has now appeared in red, and in the line below the Toolbar there is an icon of spectacles and "This message is being watched".
Does anyone know what this is means and who might be watching?

  mole44 10:23 11 Apr 2003

if you know the originator ask them.if not delete it.i always identify myself on the header,those that know me see its me.anything else i always delete.

  Djohn 10:48 11 Apr 2003

Not knowing which browser you are using, then this is a guess. The line you see, "This message is being watched". most likely refers to you, meaning you have tried to have a look, but not yet done so!

But as mole44 says, you will be wiser to delete, unless you know who sent this to you. J.

  kjrider 10:53 11 Apr 2003

Always scan for viruses.

I have had quite a few recently.

Like 'you have won ...' etc.

  Nosmas 20:31 11 Apr 2003

Sorry I can't say why you cannot open the email but hope the following may help re the spec icon.

It sounds as though you have clicked when your cursor was opposite the email and below the spectacles icon. This has the effect of showing the email title in red and the spectacles to the left of it indicate you have decided to "watch" it. These icons are usually only used in relation to Newsgroups, and messages are referred to as "conversations", some of which you may want to watch for further post to appear.

To get rid of the specs and red colour click on the specs (at the left of message) and the icon will change to a red circle with a line through it which means "this conversation is ignored". Clicking on the red circle will remove it and you are back to "square 1".

To see a list of icons and their meaning, in OE click on Help and enter the keyword "icons" (without quotes) then select "message list icons"

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