E-mail to all my contacts

  GroupFC 22:50 23 Mar 2005

Now that I have BB - I want to make full use of it!

What I want to do is send all my contacts details of my new e-mail adress, the question is - does anybody if there is an easy way to do this?

I suppose I can create a new group and put everybody in it and do it that way but is there any other ways?

  DieSse 23:08 23 Mar 2005

The polite way is to send an email to youself, with all your contacs as "Blind-Copies". Then no-one actually gets your list of contacts.

  DieSse 23:11 23 Mar 2005

PS - assuming you are using Outlook or Outlook express - I'm not sure about web mail systems, but you can probably do something similar.

  Buchan 35 23:11 23 Mar 2005

Thanks for that mate. Now it`s so obvious

  GroupFC 23:22 23 Mar 2005

Yes I should have said I am using OE6.

I hadn't thought about everbody seeing the contacts - presumably that would still be the case if I used a group - that is everybody would be able to see who was in the group?

  DieSse 23:44 23 Mar 2005

You don't need to make a group if you use "Blind Copies"

  Taff36 00:38 24 Mar 2005

I suggest you make a group and include it in the bcc and send it to yourself. Otherwise as has been said everyone will see the contacts.

A group should be created if you intend to send regular e-mails to them. You may want to e-mail them again of course, perhaps to wish them all "Merry Christmas" BUT some ISP providers may restrict the number of copies sent to say 25 at a time. One e-mail to 150 people could be spam and they frown on it! If this happens and you get rejections create multiple groups of 20 at a time.

  GroupFC 21:33 06 Apr 2005

Just tidying up my postings.

I used the "blind copies" route and everybody seems to ahve got it OK. Thanks for all your suggestions.

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