e-mail adresses

  rins36 17:13 11 Oct 2005

who do they belong to?

i have an on going dispute with BT and they say the e-mail address is owned by them not me

does anyone know

thnx in advance

  mattyc_92 17:26 11 Oct 2005

In theory, the person who uses it. BUT the company that "hosts" it, has the right to remove it, change it, etc....

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:42 11 Oct 2005

You may think you're entitled to an e-mail address because you've religiously paid some Internet service provider your monthly subscription fee for years. That's not the case. Your provider can cancel your e-mail account for any reason and bounce your e-mail. Or it can give your username-and your e-mail!-to somebody else. Or it can lock you out of your account and read your e-mail without your permission.

Recall that the domain name is the part of the e-mail address after the @ sign. Years ago there were attempts by the Internet's inventors to limit the proliferation of names for technical reasons-people were worried that there might be too many of them. As a result, domain names were made expensive. But those days are long gone. Nowadays you can get your own domain name for less than £25 a year from any of a number of companies. And these names are portable-that is, you can take them with you from one Internet service provider to another.

Of course, people are taught to be sheep for a reason. Customers tied to @attbi.com or @aol.com addresses are inhibited from switching to a rival service provider-which ultimately means that the companies don't have to compete as hard. That's why neither AT&T nor AOL has worked to make it easy for customers to have their own domains.

In the 21st century, having your own domain name is simple electronic self-defense. Alas, many people find it easier to be sheep.

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  octal 17:44 11 Oct 2005

I don't think you actually "own" an email address, because its part of the server system, so the owner has allowed you to use an email address on their server. The only way you could truley own an email address is to run your own server. I have a web site and I have an email address which is my [email protected] but even that I don't regard as actually owned by me because its hosted on Lycos.

Could be wrong, but that's my logic anyway.

  budden 18:02 11 Oct 2005

I think octal's right, unfortunatly your e-mail address is owned by your service provider and they have the right to cancel or amend your address as well as view your e-mails. I beleive most companies must inform you a set period of time (usually 1 week) before they make changes though.

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